Lion and intelligent mouse



Lion and Mouse Hindi Story – It is a very old time a rat was having fun while returning to his bill that on the way he saw the lion’s cave, he saw the lion sleeping in his cave in deep sleep. Suddenly, there was a slight drop in his mind and he went over the lion. The rat was well aware that the lion was asleep in a very deep sleep, so he took advantage of this and started jumping loudly.

The rat’s jump opened the lion’s sleep. The lion opened his eyes and saw that a small rat is moving on it, sometimes jumping here and there, sometimes jumping loudly. Seeing all this, the lion got very angry, he quickly grabbed the rat in his pointed paws. The rat was very scared to see the lion in anger. He felt that he would surely be killed today. He pleaded with the lion, “Sher Maharaj! I have made a big mistake. Please forgive me. Do not kill me, if you let me go, I will never forget your favor and if I ever get a chance in life, I will definitely miss your favor. The lion got laughed at hearing of the mouse. The lion said, “What will you be able to do for me by being so small?” Seeing the rats pleading like this, he felt pity for the rat and released the rat.

A long time passed that one day the lion was roaming in search of its prey. While walking, he himself got trapped in the hunter’s trap. The lion tried hard to get out of the trap but he could not get out of the trap. After losing, the lion roared loudly for help. Coincidentally, the rat heard his roar and when he went there and saw, the lion was badly trapped in the trap. When he saw the lion trapped in the trap, he immediately went to the lion to help the lion and started cutting the trap. He quickly cut the trap with his sharp teeth. The lion comes out of the trap due to the Rat’s help and he thanks the rat. On that day, the lion understood that no animal should be judged from its stature, big or small and if we help anyone, we will surely get its fruit. moral of the story: Friends! God has made all kinds of beings in this world, some very small, some very huge and all have some different characteristics, whose usefulness is known only in time. So we should not always think of anyone as weak or inferior to ourselves.

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