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Full List Of Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend

Yes this is true! Online colleges that pay you to attend truly exist. These online colleges have financial packages upto 80% of the cost of studying with them. So what this means is that they are paying you to attend their college. Before providing you with this list of online colleges that pay you to attend, let us briefly consider the benefits associated with studying online.

Why Study Online? 

When you study online, your learning experience will be different from what you encounter in a traditional classroom. You’ll need to be able to plan your time and manage your effort effectively so that you can meet the expectations of online learning. In fact, some say that online learning is more independent than traditional learning!

  • Are you self-directed? If you’re going to succeed with online learning, it’s important that you’re able to motivate yourself, learn by yourself, and make decisions about how best to use your time. This can take some practice if you’re used to attending a face-to-face class where the teacher gives assignments and deadlines. The upside is that once you’ve mastered this skill in one context (online), it will be easier for you in other contexts (work, school).
  • Are you flexible and willing to try new things? Online courses are typically different from face-to-face classes and even from each other in terms of structure and pace. Some require weekly participation while others allow students more freedom with their time. Some have very few assignments while others have lots of required reading or writing assignments every week. Explore several different styles of online courses before deciding which are best for you!

Manage your time well.

Studying online requires you to be more self-motivated and disciplined, but it also allows for a lot of flexibility in your schedule.

You can set your own routine as long as you follow the deadlines and make sure you get the work done each week.

You also have to be really clear on what is expected, including how much time studying will take and your weekly assignment deadlines, so that you can plan out your week effectively.

Be able to work independently.

Benefits of Studying Online

If you’re the type to work independently, an online course could be perfect for you. You can benefit from the flexibility and freedom that come with working at your own pace, on your own time.

In an article on the benefits of studying online, Annemarie Cross lists a number of ways in which working independently can help both self-studying and office environments:

On a personal level: “In today’s world people are often expected from a very young age to work things out for themselves without any help or guidance, to follow their own interests without being told what they should do… If we look around us, most students are able to do this quite naturally; just think about how children use technology without needing to be taught by their parents. They simply dive in and learn by doing. This is great life experience for them as it encourages them to keep learning independently once they leave school or university.”

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For team projects: “A person who works well independently will also be more successful when working in teams because he/she will have had plenty of practice operating as an individual first. This means they will already have developed certain habits such as learning good time management skills and problem-solving abilities so that they can overcome challenges on their own.”

Have an interest in technology.

As with any online course, you’ll need to be familiar with technology to succeed. You should be comfortable using the Internet, email, and computers in general. If you’re brand new to online education, a good first step is to learn how to use the learning management system (LMS) your school uses (such as Blackboard).

You may also want to brush up on other technology skills if you think they’d help you complete your online coursework. If your work requires lots of typing, practice typing with all ten fingers; it will make working at the computer much easier and more efficient!

Communicate clearly in writing.

Now that you’re studying a subject online, you’ll need to be more aware of your written communication skills. Let’s take a look at how to communicate clearly in writing.

Speaking and writing are different from each other. Although both involve the use of words and language, communicating via the written word is often more formal than communicating orally. For example, it’s common to hear someone say *”I don’t care what they think”* in everyday conversation, but if you were writing an email or letter of apology to someone you had offended, you would probably not want to include that sentence.

While it’s true that there are some contemporary trends toward using oral language in written communication—for example, punctuating text messages with symbols (like hearts) or adding a “laughing out loud” comment after a joke—writing tends toward being more formal and concise than speaking is.

Clear and concise writing is important in order for readers to understand your intended meaning, especially when those readers might not know much about your background or experience level with the topic at hand.

If you’re studying online, for example, your instructors will need clear and specific instructions about assignments so that they can grade them accurately; if you write unclearly about what needs doing and by when, there could be confusion (and perhaps even failure on your part). Likewise:

Spelling mistakes may cause people to question whether or not you know what you’re talking about;

Grammatical errors can cause distracted or confused readers;

Poor sentence structure leads some readers astray as they try figure out exactly what point(s) the writer wanted them to understand;

Manage your stress.

The same techniques you’d use to reduce stress at a traditional college apply just as well in an online environment. It’s important to acknowledge that sometimes, it just won’t be possible to ace every assignment and maintain a perfect GPA. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the stress of online classes, be sure to:

  • Take breaks when you need them. It’s easy to get carried away with the work and neglect your own needs when studying from home, but taking time for yourself is worth it; even a short break will help you feel refreshed and ready for more.
  • Eat well. Healthy eating habits have been shown to have a positive impact on academic performance, so focus on whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables throughout the day instead of snacking on junk food or sugary drinks—these will only give you an energy crash later!
  • You can even take care of your brain by limiting alcohol consumption (which has been linked with cognitive decline over time) or quitting smoking altogether if necessary; these bad habits can add up quickly without much notice in such high-stress environments like college campuses where students tend towards more hectic schedules than usual.”
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You need to be good at managing your own time and resources to succeed studying online

As the student, you are responsible for your own learning. This means that you need to be self-directed and motivated. You will need to work independently, and be able to manage your time, complete tasks efficiently and effectively, and meet deadlines without having someone looking over your shoulder.

You also need to be willing to try new ways of doing things. There will be many times when there is no set way of doing something or not enough information on what is required. You will have to figure out how you can create the best result. This may mean compromising your principles about how things should be done – for example by using a software program which you don’t like because it’s the one everyone else is using.

Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend


Western Governors University

Western Governors University is a non-profit, accredited, online university founded in 1997 by 19 U.S. governors who wanted to expand access to higher education for working adults. WGU offers more than 50 degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in the areas of business, information technology (IT), health professions, teaching, and other areas of critical national need.

WGU’s competency-based approach to learning is ideal for working adults who want to advance their careers—or who want to enter entirely new fields—but don’t have time for traditional college courses that require them to be on campus or tethered to a rigid schedule.

Snow College

Snow College is a two-year private college in the rural town of Ephraim, Utah. Its picturesque campus looks like something out of a movie, and its size of 2,500 students means class sizes are small. Students can pick from over 50 programs to study, including engineering, computer science and music. The college also has strong sports teams—plus skiing in the nearby mountains.

If you’re looking for an education that doesn’t require a lot of cash, Snow College’s scholarship program is one of the best in the nation—students who enroll in at least 12 credits per semester and have high school GPAs (or GED scores) above 3.0 can get free tuition!

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Brandman University

Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System, is a private university that was founded in 1958. With 26 campuses across California and Washington, Brandman boasts more than 80 online undergraduate and graduate degrees.

  • Active duty military and veterans can apply for tuition assistance.
  • All students are eligible for a discounted rate on their first course after completing an orientation class on how to succeed in online learning.
  • Students can take advantage of services like free tutoring and academic advising virtually through Brandman’s Blackboard software system.

Walden University

Walden University is a private, for-profit online university headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The university was founded in 1970 by two New York teachers who sought to create a non-traditional graduate school for working adults. Walden claims that it is “dedicated to excellence in providing higher education to adult learners.”

The current president is Jonathan A. Kaplan, and the chairman of the board of directors is Thomas M. Mitchell. In 2014, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education classified Walden as having “very high research activity.”

Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University is a public university offering associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. It has a yearly tuition of around $4,500, making it an affordable option for online students. The university has an enrollment of around 2,000 students with an average class size of 20 students. Dickinson State is located in the small town setting of Dickinson in the state of North Dakota.

Fort Hays State University

  • Fort Hays State University: This public, coeducational, state university is located in Hays, Kansas. It is the third-largest of the six state universities governed by the Kansas Board of Regents and it was founded in 1902 as the Western Branch of Kansas State Normal School.
  • The school has a student enrollment of more than 15,000 and it offers study at the associate, bachelor’s and masters levels. The core campus is located on 200 acres in Hays, with a further 180 acres for agricultural studies.

Columbia Southern University

At Columbia Southern University, a student can get a bachelor’s degree in business administration, or an online bachelor’s degree in elementary education. The cost of tuition per year is $4,500. As part of the deal, you must agree to work for the state of Alabama for three years after graduation.

Florida State University

Florida State University (FSU) is a state-funded public university located in Florida. FSU was founded in 1851 and is one of the oldest universities in the state. The institution offers a range of online degree programs, which are now more popular than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic. FSU has a good reputation as an academic institution, where it’s possible to enroll in a wide variety of programs from business administration to computer science. It also offers scholarships for people who can demonstrate financial need and who have a 3.2 GPA or higher.


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