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How Much Is an IT Project Manager Salary?

In our article today, we are going to consider an IT project manager salary, how much they make, who is an IT project manager, the career prospects and many other important information. To get started, let’s see who is an IT project manager.

Who Is an IT Project Manager?

An IT project manager is a person who is in charge of planning, executing, and delegating responsibilities related to an organization’s information technology (IT) goals and objectives.

Because practically every firm relies on computing technologies, IT project managers can operate in a range of industries. To assist the completion of large-scale initiatives, several companies set up IT project management offices (PMOs).

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What Does an IT Project Manager Do?

IT Project Managers operate in an organization’s technology department, managing, planning, and implementing a variety of technical projects for the company or its clients. They’ll work closely with the technical team to plan various developments and put life-cycle approaches in place for different software systems.

IT project managers collaborate closely with clients to understand their business objectives and develop a strategy for a new product launch that meets their needs and preferences. They then meet with staff to create a project timeline and set deadlines. The IT Project Manager inspects the projects as they are constructed by staff to ensure that they are on track to meet the client’s needs. They attend a post-project debriefing session with the clients once it’s released.

How Much Is an IT Project Manager Salary?

In the United States, a project manager’s average annual income is $74,124, plus a $13,500 cash incentive. Depending on the individual’s expertise and skills, this number could be larger or lower.

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How To Become an IT Project Manager

IT project managers frequently need both technical and soft abilities. While a strong technical background is essential, non-technical skills such as project management, time management, and the ability to present detailed plans are also required.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field is required for an IT project management role. While those with an associate’s degree or related experience may be accepted for certain roles, a bachelor’s degree is normally preferred.

Advanced degrees in business management or professional project management certifications, such as the project management professional (PMP) or the ScrumAlliance’s Certified ScrumMaster, may be required or preferred by employers.

Are IT Project Managers In Demand?

IT project managers are needed to help with cloud migration and application development projects as part of the digital transformation activities that are fueling the expansion of technologies like cloud and big data across all industries.

According to Gartner, global IT investment would increase 6.2 percent this year to $3.9 trillion by the end of 2021, up from $3.8 trillion last year. IT project manager positions are predicted to grow as a result of this growth in IT investment to oversee the implementation of new technologies.

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Who Reports To an IT Project Manager?

Individuals who work on a company’s IT team often report to the IT Project Manager, who will provide them instructions for the impending project. If the Developers or other technical employees have any questions about a project, the IT Project Manager will usually send a message to the customer, who will then convey the information to the employees.

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IT project managers are often in charge of the complete project management process from beginning to end, therefore they’ll allocate various project responsibilities to team members working on these technological initiatives. Department managers will also report to IT Project Managers or collaborate with them to set timelines and offer updates throughout the process.

What’s The Difference Between IT Project Manager & IT Manager?

There are some important differences between an IT Manager and an IT Project Manager, despite the fact that they both oversee teams and distribute various duties to personnel. An IT Manager is in charge of an organization’s information technology department. They normally make sure the company’s computer systems are running well and implement updates and enhancements on a regular basis.

An IT Project Manager’s primary responsibility is to develop technological initiatives for the organization or its clients. IT Managers typically handle the upkeep and daily technical activities of company computers, although they don’t. IT Project Managers are also more intimately involved in the development of IT projects and collaborate with a variety of departments within the organization, whereas IT Managers are entirely responsible for their own department.

What Are The Qualities Of a Good IT Project Manager?

To successfully coordinate a project and push people to complete their tasks on schedule, a good IT Project Manager must have effective leadership qualities. They must also possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills, as they will be in frequent contact with workers and clients via email, phone calls, and video conferencing tools. Ideal applicants should also have excellent technical abilities in order to fully comprehend the various computer system initiatives they are implementing for clients.

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Jobs In IT Project Management 

If you choose to pursue a career in IT project management you should be able to get jobs as the demand for IT project managers is high. Before you apply for any job, ensure that you have gathered enough experience and skills. Most establishments will prefer to take individuals with some years of work experience in the field of IT. Once you know you have all these, the next step is to start the job search. There are many IT jobs advertised online daily, so use google always o search for these jobs. You can also check here for the latest jobs in IT project management.


This is how far we can go on this article: How Much Is an IT Project Manager Salary? You can now see that an IT project manager can earn up to $74,000 annually. This figure is just an estimate, the salary can go higher or lower depending on the location, experience and skills of the individual etc.

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