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Online Barber Schools: All You Need To Know

We are going to talk about online barbing schools in this article today. The online barbing schools have a curriculum that includes basic training for all aspiring barbers. The courses offered by these online schools are designed to teach you the skills required to be an excellent barber. You will learn about the different tools of the trade, and how each tool functions. You will learn about the best methods for cutting hair and trimming beards. You will learn how to use clippers, scissors and other specialty tools in order to provide your clients with high-quality haircuts.

In the process of getting your online barbing certificate, you will learn about many more skills as a professional barber.

Barbering is a very respectable job. You will be making money and will also have the ability to make people feel good about themselves. People will come to you for haircuts and styling, but you can also make extra money by selling hair care products. While in school, most barbers learn how to cut hair, apply hair care products, communicate with customers, style hair, price haircuts and clean their tools.

From online barbing schools, there is an opportunity to attend live webinars and group discussions where you can connect with other learners and instructors across the globe.

Online barbing schools have a lot of advantages. One of these advantages is the ability to attend live webinars and group discussions. You can connect with other students and instructors who are located all over the world. This makes it easy to learn from other students’ experience as well as that of the instructors’. With online barbing schools, you can learn at home, in your pajamas, while you’re sipping your favorite coffee! Not only do online barbing schools make learning convenient, but they also make it fun!

Online barbing certificate is highly sought after by many people who want to learn how to fashion hair or groom beards professionally.

Barbers are skilled at cutting, trimming and styling hair. They also groom beards and mustaches and may perform other tasks, including facials.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the need for barbers will grow by 12 percent over the next several years because of an increased emphasis on personal appearance. This makes barbing one of the best courses to study online in Nigeria.

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A good number of people in Nigeria have shown interest in learning how to fashion or groom hair professionally or as a hobby due to its rise in popularity over time but with most people not being able to afford the cost of attending a conventional barbing school, they have decided to go for online training which allows them learn from wherever they are with little or no stress.

Top Best Online Barber Schools

The following schools offer the best online barber certifications. Do well to contact them and get more information:

California Barber College

  • Cost: $2,000
  • Courses include:
  • Brushing and Combing Techniques
  • Clipper Techniques, Shaving, and Facial Hair Design
  • Haircutting and Hairstyle Analysis
  • State Board Preparation
  • Men’s Haircutting Using Clippers And Shears
  • Hair Structure And Growth Pattern Theory And Practice
  • Chemical Texture Services/Women’s Haircutting Principles And Practices I
  • Chemical Texture Services/Women’s Haircutting Principles And Practices II
  • Color Principles And Practices I: Permanent Color & Demi-Permanent Color (Theory)
  • Color Principles And Practices II: Permanent Color & Demi-Permanent Color (Practice)

American Barber Academy

American Barber Academy

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Courses include: Barbering I and II, Haircutting, Haircutting II, Haircutting III, Razor Cutting, Razor Shaving, Barbering Clinic, Barbering Clinic II, and Barbering Clinic III.

Tuition: $8,000

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

As a barber, you can work in any state, as long as you are properly licensed. If you want to become a barber, consider enrolling in an online barber school. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers multiple campuses throughout Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. It was founded in 2004 and accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

Tricoci University teaches courses in cosmetology and esthetics. Once you have completed your training, you will receive a diploma or associate’s degree in the field.

Empire Beauty Schools

Empire Beauty Schools provides affordable and accessible education for students interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry. Their online program is taught by licensed educators with years of experience in their field, and the training focuses on the skills and techniques you need to succeed in the beauty industry. Empire teaches skills in all areas of beauty, including hair, skin, and nails so that you’ll be able to work with many different types of clients as a professional barber. EMPIRE also offers salon services like haircuts, coloring, body waxing, manicures, pedicures and more at reduced rates while providing students with real-world practice opportunities.

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Marinello Schools of Beauty

Marinello Schools of Beauty offer many beauty programs to students. If you are interested in finding an online barber school, Marinello is a great way to get started in your beauty career. With a long-standing reputation of serving their students and the community, they have locations around the country that can help you go after your dream of becoming a barber.

The programs offered by Marinello are designed to give students education that will give them all the skills needed for their future careers. With many different fields in cosmetology, esthetics and barbering, you can study what interests you most. The barbering program at this online school gives you training on hairstyling, shaving and more with many hours spent working on clients. This allows you to learn as much as possible from hands on experience while still being able to work around your schedule and current responsibilities with online learning options.

The other programs offered by Marinello include cosmetology and esthetics that allow for specialization depending on what career path interests each student the most. You will be able to receive education from experienced staff members who have developed skills over many years of experience within the beauty industry. They have designed these programs to help provide students with everything they need in order to become professionals within their field including licensing assistance after graduation so they can start working right away without delay.

Paul Mitchell the School-Hollywood

Located in the heart of Hollywood, at 1618 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, the school’s main focus is to provide students with the training and skills required to pass the state board exam to become a licensed barber and then continue on as a professional stylist.

The school offers both part-time and full-time programs. The full-time program runs for approximately six months while the part-time program takes about nine months. Full-time classes are typically scheduled Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Part-time schedules are more flexible with classes running anywhere from three to five days per week for 6 hours (in blocks).

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One of Paul Mitchell’s greatest strengths is their small class sizes which allow teachers greater flexibility when providing instruction. However, this also means that their rates will be higher than most other schools. Tuition is nearly $15000, which does not include books or other supplies (an additional $500).

Xenon International Academy, Inc.

  • Xenon International Academy, Inc.
  • Xenon offers a fast track program, flexible schedule, and job placement program.
  • This school has two locations in Omaha.

Hair Design Institute – West Hartford

Address: 635 Prospect Ave. West Hartford, CT 06110

Telephone: 1-860-561-0606

Website: http://www.thehairdesigninstitute.org

Date Established: 1988

Number of Students: 75

Tuition Costs: $17,000 for 1,400 clock hours; $17 per hour for education beyond 1,400 hours; $15 per hour to repeat a failed course or retake a passed course

Student/Teacher Ratio: 8 to 1 or less

Instructors with Industry Experience?: Yes; 75 percent of instructors have worked in the industry between five and 40 years.

Courses Offered: Haircutting theory and practice, haircutting demonstrations and practical applications, basic permanent waving theory and practice, chemical relaxing technique and practice, hair coloring demonstration and practical application, shampooing procedures, scalp massage practices and anatomy of the skin structure and function as related to cosmetology services (theory), hair design techniques on mannequins (practice), facials theory and practice demonstrations on clients’ faces (manicuring techniques not included), wigs maintenance theory (cosmetologists are not authorized to fit wigs).


We have already listed some of the best barber schools in America and you can find more information about them on their website. The next step to finding a great barber school for you is deciding who will be your ideal client. Are you looking for someone fairly meticulous with precise directions? Or, do you want to be in charge and tell him what to do? You need to decide on these points before you start an online barber school program because these are the people that will determine how effective your work experience will be.


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