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Top Schools Offering Online Masters In Aviation

In today’s article, we are going to focus our attention on the top schools that offer online masters in Aviation. We shall also consider what Aviation degree entails, it’s career prospects etc. To get started let’s see what Aviation degree is all about.

What Is an Aviation Degree?

Students interested in aircraft, engineering, physics, or aeronautics can benefit greatly from an aviation degree. Graduates of aviation schools are prepared for a range of positions and industries, including commercial piloting, engine and aircraft design, and working in a governmental or private aeronautics laboratory.

Flight training, meteorology, aircraft maintenance, aerodynamics, aviation legislation, and safety are just a few of the topics included in an aviation degree program.
A bachelor’s degree in aviation or aeronautics prepares students for careers in the aviation and aeronautics industries.

It is primarily concerned with aircraft safety, maintenance, law, weather, and engineering. If you want to get a degree in aviation, this program can help you prepare for a variety of high-paying and fascinating jobs. Engineers, air traffic controllers, aircraft mechanics, and pilots can all start their careers with an aviation degree.

You can work as an airline or commercial pilot if you have a bachelor’s degree in aviation. A master’s degree in the discipline will qualify you for leadership, manufacturing, engineering, and safety positions. A Ph.D. in aviation is the highest level of education available, and it is mostly reserved for people who want to conduct aviation research or teach at the university level.

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What Can You Do With an Aviation Degree?

Become a Pilot

Students interested in flying can major in aviation and pursue a career as a pilot. Military, corporate, and commercial airline pilots are all examples of distinct types of pilots. These pilots may be trained in a variety of aircraft, including planes and helicopters.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers coordinate aircraft movement to keep aircraft and passengers safe. This necessitates air traffic controllers communicating with pilots and keeping track of the various aircraft’s locations. A career as an air traffic controller is comparable to a career as an emergency dispatcher in that these individuals must be able to multi-task and deal with any problem that happens.

Flight Instructor

Some pilots or aviation majors can work as flight instructors, teaching other students how to fly, similar to how a driver’s education instructor teaches people how to drive. These individuals are in charge of instructing future pilots in the conceptual and practical aspects of flying an aircraft.

Flight instructors earned a median yearly pay of $64,075, according to PayScale.com as of September 2019. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics did not provide a particular employment forecast for flight instructors, it did provide a general 7 percent job outlook for all jobs in the field of air transportation employees.

How Much Can You Earn In an Aviation Field?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median wage for aviation mechanics and service technicians was $62,920 in May 2015. (www.bls.gov). The 10th percentile earned $36,760 per year, while the 90th percentile earned $97,820 per year. As of May 2015, air traffic controllers in the 10th percentile made $68,090 per year, the 50th percentile earned $124,540, and the 90th percentile earned $178,650 per year, according to the BLS.

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Flight attendants earned an annual pay of $28,950 for the 10th percentile, $56,000 for the 50th percentile, and $80,870 for the 90th percentile, according to the BLS in May 2015. According to the BLS, the median annual income for airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers was $140,340 in May 2015. The tenth percentile made $65,690, while the twenty-fifth percentile made $94,380.

How To Increase Your Salary?

Employers usually provide raises based on your expertise and length of service, but promotions can also help you earn more money. Consider enrolling in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy to learn new skills, gain knowledge, and improve your prospects of development (www.faa.gov).

Testing can help you advance your career as a mechanic. The FAA offers you the opportunity to work as a supervisor or inspector. Promotion to a position as a radar controller or supervisor is one opportunity for progression as an air traffic controller. Administrative posts at the FAA are also available.

As a flight attendant, you start off as a reserve, which means you don’t know when or if you’ll get to fly. Regular assignments become available as you advance in seniority. You could advance to supervisory or managerial roles inside the airline, and subsequently to higher administrative ones. Consider becoming a teacher or a flight attendant recruiter.

Pilots are frequently restricted to other pilot positions as a means of promotion. Flight teacher, charter plane pilot, air taxi pilot, and corporate plane pilot are some of the options for growth. Advancement may lead to more favorable schedules if you’re flying commercial jets.

What Are The Requirements To Pursue an Online Masters In Aviation?

Because this is a very competitive program, applicants should strive for a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or better. Although most colleges do not demand a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics and aviation, many do require an engineering degree in a related discipline. To prepare for this master’s degree, students need pursue advanced mathematics and engineering courses. Students should also submit any graduate test exam results, letters of recommendation, and extra essays that are required.

Students will be required to study a range of major and elective courses within the program. Students may need to complete additional courses in those areas if the program offers specified focuses. Although most programs do not require an internship or residence, many schools offer opportunities for practical experience in the subject at the graduate level. To get the most out of their online learning experience, students should meet with a counselor or speak with a major representative.

Accreditation Of Aviation Degree

When looking at aviation colleges, students should make sure the school is accredited. Accreditation regulates colleges and universities by verifying that they meet national and regional educational requirements. Students may not be appropriately prepared for work in their chosen sector if a school does not have proper accreditation.

National and regional accreditation are the two most common types. Traditional four-year universities receive regional accreditation, whereas trade and vocational institutions receive national accreditation. One of the six major regional accreditation agencies should accredit the majority of universities that offer aviation programs. More information on accredited accrediting organizations can be found on the Council for Higher Education Accreditation’s website.

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Individual programs can also have programmatic accreditation from industry-specific accreditation authorities, even if the college as a whole has regional or national accreditation. The Aviation Accreditation Board International certifies a variety of aviation programs.

Let’s now take a look at some of the top schools offering online masters in Aviation.

Top Schools Offering Online Masters In Aviation

Online masters in Aviation is meant for professionals who want to advance their career, but don’t have time to attend physical schools. If you are looking for some good schools offering online masters in Aviation, you can consider the following:

Georgia Institute Of Tech

The Georgia Institute of Technology, sometimes known as Georgia Tech, is a leading research university in the United States that is committed to improving people’s lives through science and technology. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, there are now around 25,000 students enrolled. Georgia Tech was founded in 1885 with the intention of helping the rural South transition to an industrial economy. New research and innovation have come from the university throughout its lengthy history.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked this Master’s program offered by the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering as the fourth best in the country.
Students will gain a better understanding of advanced aircraft system design, development, and operation with Georgia Tech’s online MS in Aerospace Engineering program.

University Of Southern California

The University of Southern California, which is located in the city of Los Angeles, is a well-known research institution that was established in the early 1870s, while the city was still developing. At this time, there are almost 45,500 students registered in all levels of education. According to a new research, USC is one of the state’s largest economic contributors, bringing in more than $8 billion each year to the city of Los Angeles and the state as a whole. Through its nationally known engineering school, it offers an online MS in Aeronautics and Aviation.

USC’s online MS in Aerospace Engineering is offered through the Viterbi School of Engineering and is designed to allow students to specialize in a particular area of the field.

University Of Virginia

Thomas Jefferson established the University of Virginia in 1819 in order to establish a public university that would progress knowledge and inform individuals. UVA is now a colossal research university with a vibrant community and culture. UVA students are connected not just to their home neighborhoods, but to people all around the world, thanks to its many global centers and connections. UVA is the third best public national university, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Students can attend up to half of their coursework at one of their partner universities, which will help them complete their degree faster.

Purdue University

President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant Act in 1862, converting public land into a university. Today, the university is a prominent research institution focused on producing new breakthroughs and advances in a variety of sectors. Students from all across the world, including online students, can learn about Purdue through its various campuses and collaborations. Purdue Engineering Online is the nation’s #3 public engineering institution, offering a Master’s in Aeronautics and Aviation degree.

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Johns Hopkins University

With almost 140 years of history, John Hopkins University is America’s first research university. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, around 24,000 students are enrolled. JHU is active in more than 150 countries conducting research and other activities. Indeed, in terms of total research and development spending, it is the country’s leading institution. JHU’s graduate engineering programs are among the best in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The school has obtained a DELTA grant to create a faculty development program that will teach individuals how to use the most up-to-date and successful online learning tools and approaches.

University Of North Dakota

This is yet another notable aviation school that should not be overlooked while compiling a list of the world’s best aviation schools. John D. Odegard owns the institution. The University of North Dakota’s John Odegard School of Aerospace Studies has a long history of producing top-tier aeronautical professionals.

It takes pride in offering the greatest level of professional flight training without imposing exorbitant tuition prices on students. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs are available at this aviation institution. Students who teach these programs can add a minor or a speciality certification.

They also offer business administration and aeronautics undergraduate programs. A master’s degree and/or a doctorate in aerospace sciences are also possible. Flight courses are required for all degrees, whether they are undergraduate, graduate, or master’s.

Degree Programs: The John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences offers degrees in airport administration, aviation management, air traffic control, aviation technology management, and other related fields. A master’s degree in aviation and a PhD in aerospace sciences are also available at the University of North Dakota. North Dakota residents pay $8,447 in tuition, while non-residents pay $20,047.

Ohio State University Aviation College

One of the world’s greatest aviation universities is at Ohio State University. In fact, it is home to one of the country’s best aviation schools.

Aeronautical degree programs are available to students. The Center for Aviation Studies at Ohio State University is without a doubt one of the greatest aviation schools in the world. Undergraduate and graduate aviation degree programs are available at this aviation college. Depending on residency vs. non-resident, tuition rates range from $4,223 to $10,023 per year. At Ohio State University, there are around 45,800 undergraduate students enrolled.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

ERAU has three campuses: one in Daytona Beach, Florida, another in Prescott, Arizona, and ERAU Worldwide & Worldwide Online.

This prominent aviation college, often known as Harvard of the Skies, has produced more graduates than any other aviation university in the world. This is due to the fact that it is the first and largest institution with aviation studies.

Aeronautical science, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, global security and intelligence, air traffic control, and business administration are just a few of the degree programs available at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Only ERAU offers a doctorate in aviation. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s tuition generally varies from $48,992 to $50,570 per year.



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