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Bartending Certification Online: How To Enroll

If you’ve been searching for Bartending certification online and how to register, you’re at the right place as we are going to provide you with a list of schools offering Bartending certification online, plus everything you need to know about Bartending. To get started let’s briefly see what Bartending entails.

What Is Bartending? 

A bartender (also known as a barkeep, barman, barmaid, or mixologist) is a person who works behind the bar, usually at a licensed business, preparing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Bartenders are usually in charge of the bar’s supply and inventory. Classic drinks such as the Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Mojito can all be mixed by a bartender.

Before delivering alcoholic beverages to customers, bartenders are normally responsible for ensuring that they are of legal drinking age. Bartenders in some countries, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, are compelled by law to reject more alcohol to inebriated customers.

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How Much Does a Bartender Make?

Without tips, a bartender’s average wage is $26,094. The average salary for a  bartender was gathered from the five top nationwide employment portals to ensure the most accurate figure.

The pay of a bartender is determined by his or her experience, location, and the size of the establishment. In California, for example, the average bartender income is little over $30,400. In 2021, the average wage in Illinois will be little under $27,000. Salary is also influenced by the cost of living. As a result, bear that in mind.

Bartending Certification Online

Here are the top schools that offer Bartending certification online. All you have to do is contact them and get more information about their programs.

Bar Smarts

BarSmarts was created and funded by Pernod Ricard, the world’s second-largest wine and spirits company. It covers spirits, classic cocktails, cocktail history, and service management for industry members and cocktail fans.

Pernod Ricard created a complete online learning platform that is accessible from anywhere by any bartending aficionado.

This program begins with a look at each spirit category, including its history, cocktail applications, and guided video tastings. It takes you through a collection of cocktail recipes and various serving ways, as well as key milestones in cocktail history. The BarSmarts workshops have been linked with David Wondrich, a noted authority on the history of cocktails and Editor in Chief of the Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails.

The DrinkBuilder exam concludes the course. Bartenders must mix four different famous drinks from past readings in order to pass. Participants receive two chances to pass each module’s test, with a total of 60 days to complete the program. Graduates will receive a certificate and the option to progress to the advanced course, which will be taught by legendary bartender Dale DeGroff and wine and spirits expert Steve Olson. The course is $29 and is appropriate for professionals as well as fans.

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Masterclass With Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana

Ryan Chetiyawardana, the founder of Dandelyan, a boundary-pushing cocktail bar, and a past Tales of the Cocktail International Bartender of the Year, has teamed up with award-winning New York bartender Lynnette Marrero and MasterClass for a virtual cocktail school.

The two take turns bouncing about from topic to topic, covering anything from practical cocktail making techniques to industry insights to personal stories. For example, in one class, Marrero examines the history of the craft cocktail movement and the value of mentorship. Chetiyawardana discusses why students don’t need pricey ingredients to develop a world-class cocktail program in another video.

Masterclass members learn how to stock a home bar, make a variety of party-ready cocktails, and construct a drink menu for any occasion through a series of 17 hands-on sessions.

The lesson plan includes lectures on egg white sours, Old Fashioneds, Martinis, and more, as well as a thorough session on how to explore the palates of drinkers.

For $15 a month (paid annually), students can gain access to this and all other courses on the site, and possibly spend their spare time with a culinary lesson by American chef Alice Waters, a wine class with critic James Suckling, or a creativity session by film director David Lynch.

Jerry Program

Proof & Company, a spirits distributor and bar consulting organization, created the Jerry program to help hospitality professionals enhance their beverage skills. This program is their response: a user-friendly online training tool for beverage professionals.

They’ve subsequently gone beyond their initial clientele, with bars like Employees Only and spirits companies like Maison Ferrand now using the site. Jerry’s education is made up of over 125 60-minute online courses that cover everything a working bartender needs to know, including food preparation, beverage varieties, operations essentials, ethics, and leadership.

The course is named after Jerry Thomas, the godfather of cocktails and author of the oldest surviving cocktail recipe book, and it continues his legacy by instilling pupils with his originality and flare.

A variety of courses are available, covering topics such as advanced cocktail expertise, event planning, and the fundamentals of beverage retailing, among others. Star bartenders from across the world, such as Monica Berg, Chris Lowder, and James Goggin, teach the courses.

The program is set up as a subscription, with subscribers getting access to all of Jerry’s 125+ courses for $10 per month. Despite the fact that it is billed as a school for bartenders, the low cost implies that anybody may enroll and learn. Learners can also pay $30 to have access to only one of Jerry’s 25+ courses.


Ananas is a terrific solution for owners and managers since it has the ability to automate team onboarding and synchronize training. It’s half learning platform, part full training program. However, mixologists aren’t excluded because bartenders can use the curriculum to add a certified set of skills to their portfolio.

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The curriculum is divided into two levels: Basics and Intermediate. Beginners should start with Basics, while more experienced students should move on to Intermediate. Wine and beer, as well as cocktails, the bar, and customer service, are all covered in basic classes. For example, the Intermediate cocktail program includes 52 drink recipes and instructions on how to make them, while the customer service course covers hosting and how to prepare for guests.

The intermediate program is divided into modules that allow users to select seminars depending on areas in which they desire to improve, with several of the courses given by industry experts. The History of Gin lesson, for example, is given by Simon Ford, the founder of Ford’s Gin.

There are eight lessons, eight videos, and three recipes in this class. Students will learn everything there is to know about gin, including how it’s created, where it comes from, and how to utilize it. There’s also a 12-lesson, 12-video intermediate course in the ever-intimidating topic of wine, presented by trained sommelier Ben Moechtar, that covers reds, whites, and rosés.

Ananas not only has the standard industry expertise and background, but it also has a range of movies on unusual themes like how to balance plates on one arm to keep things interesting.

A Bar Above Mixology

A Bar Above was founded by Chris Tunstall with the goal of providing bartenders with an advanced cocktail program. This isn’t a program for people who only have a passing interest in bartending; it’s aimed to help people advance their abilities and careers by providing advise on cocktail design and procedures.

A Bar Above, on the other hand, offers a basics class for beginning bartenders or those who want to refine their abilities before completing the Mixology certification. The seminar walks drinkers through creating cocktails at home, using bartending instruments, and appropriate mixology technique.

The first step in the mixology program is all about the ingredients, from what to use behind the bar to how to get the most out of them in drinks. The second step teaches students how to balance cocktails and create a cocktail strategy on paper. The final step is the two-part certification exam, which consists of a multiple-choice quiz and a practical exam in which participants create a unique cocktail utilizing the framework taught in the course.

All of the materials are taught through high-definition movies and interactive quizzes. One of the most appealing aspects of the program is that it offers virtual community and mentorship possibilities through its online platform and discussion boards.

The class costs $147, but students get lifetime access to the contents, so they can come back at any time to brush up on their abilities, learn new tactics from the community, or network.

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Diageo Bar Academy

Diageo Bar Academy, founded and maintained by one of the world’s top spirits businesses, lays out everything you’ll need to open a bar. The academy began as part of Diageo’s effort to improve the quality of its bartenders. To accomplish so, they enlisted the help of industry professionals and influencers to deliver training programs and drink ideas to Diageo’s network of bartenders and brand enthusiasts.

They’ve taught tens of thousands of bartenders all throughout the world, and this vast community is one of the program’s main draws. The academy also serves as a networking hub, uniting bartenders from all over the world. Training modules are conducted by industry leaders, and the academy also serves as a networking hub.

The modules and courses offered by Bar Academy are geared toward bartenders, and the content is applicable to a variety of bar styles and employees, as well as establishment owners seeking to expand their bar knowledge. It’s one of the most complete training programs available, with classes covering high-skill techniques, customer service, product knowledge, and business operations.

Modules on well-being and physical health are also available, which are beneficial to anyone working in the typically frenetic and stressful service business. Members are committed to the platform for a reason: Bar Academy keeps members up to date on industry news and trends, making it a vital resource for any industry professional.

Udemy Bartending

On Udemy, you may find over 150,000 courses ranging from cuisine to winemaking to bartending and spirits. The bartending options alone are extensive. For $30, bartender Paul Martin, who holds two Guinness World Records for fast mixing, offers a crash course in home bartending that includes sections on garnishes, mixing, and classic cocktail skills.

A master class on gin is led by Carlos Batista, a licensed sommelier and spirit specialist, for $30. The sommelier-author teaches viewers through gin varieties, brands to know, flavors, origins, and drinks with no prior expertise required. Batista also instructs on cordials, vodka, tequila, and other more esoteric spirits.

Courses on designing bottle labels and managing bars are also available. There’s even a course on alcoholic beverage chemistry. Courses provide open and direct communication with professors, and all graduates receive a certificate.

It’s worth noting that Udemy’s courses are geared for individuals looking for casual bartending classes. The majority are under three hours long and are geared toward new or home bartenders wishing to enhance their skills or novices looking to get their feet wet.

Udemy offers free courses, but unlike the paid choices, free courses do not include a certificate or access to an instructor.

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