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Naval Aviation Schools Command

The Naval Aviation Schools Command (NASC) is responsible for both recruiting and training candidates who wish to become Naval Aviators. It’s based in Pensacola, Florida, but the command has schools at various other locations throughout the country. NASC has five subordinate commands: NAMTRAGRU ONE (1), NAMTRAGRU TWO (2), NAMTRAGRU THREE (3), NAMTRAGRU FOUR (4), and ANAVSCOL.

Naval Aviation Schools Command (NASC)

The Naval Aviation Schools Command (NASC) is a command of the United States Navy. NASC was formed to train aviation students and provide school facilities for aviation training. NASC is headquartered at Pensacola, FL, and has subordinate units located at Corpus Christi, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Meridian, MS; Memphis, TN; Memphis International Airport (MEM), Tennessee International Airport (TNCM), Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base/Carswell Field (NFW JRB/CF), Dallas Love Field Municipal Airport/Dallas Executive Airport (DAL), Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Dallas-Love Field Municipal Airport/Dallas Executive Airport (DAL), Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Hooks Municipal Airport/Hooks Regional Airport ((NSCC)/(HKS)), Marshfield Muni airport ((KMMW))


The Naval Aviation Schools Command was established in 1947 to provide training for aviators, aircrew and naval aviators. The command has a long history of providing this valuable service, which continues today. The command is composed of two bases: Pensacola Naval Air Station (NAS) and NAS Whiting Field.


The mission of the Naval Aviation Schools Command is to train students to become the best aviators in the world, prepare them for fleet duty and provide the Fleet with the most qualified and highly trained aviators and Naval Flight Officers.


NAMTRAGRU/OPNAV/N7 is responsible for training students to become the best aviators in the world, preparing them to join one of our many squadrons or be assigned to another command. This command is also responsible for ensuring that all students have a positive experience while at one of our facilities.

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NAMTRAGRU ONE (1) and TWO (2) are located in Pensacola, FL. The Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola is home to NAMTRAGRU ONE (1).

The mission of the Training Command is to train the world’s best naval aviators, maintainers, pilots and officers through academic training, flight training and professional military education.


NAMTRAGRU THREE (3) and FOUR (4) are responsible for training Naval Aviators. The Naval Aviation Schools Command also trains Flight Surgeons, Naval Aviation Physiologists, Dental Corps Officers and other medical officers assigned to the aviation community.

NAMTRAGRU THREE (3) was commissioned on 1 June 1946 in Memphis, Tennessee as Air Training Command. It relocated two years later to Corpus Christi where it remained until its deactivation on 1 February 1956. At that time it had one major subordinate command: Air Training Squadron Twenty-One at Corpus Christi Army Air Field; another fine example of how the Navy integrated itself into Army facilities during World War II! In 1957, NAMTRAGRU THREE (3) was reactivated as a part of Carrier Air Groups built around aircraft carriers rather than squadrons. This meant that all commands except those under direct control of the CNO became independent commands reporting directly to CINCLANTFLT or CINCUSNAVEUR (as appropriate).


NAMTRAGRU FIVE (5) is located at NAS Pensacola, Florida. NAMTRAGRU FIVE (5) is the largest of the Navy’s aviation training commands and provides training for pilots, aircrewmen, and enlisted personnel in a variety of aircraft including the T-45 Goshawk jet trainer; MH-60R Seahawk helicopter;the P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft; and support aircraft such as KC-130 Hercules tanker/transport plane and C-2 Greyhound cargo plane. The command also conducts officer flight screening for all undergraduate naval aviator candidates during college summer breaks or winter intersessions at more than 70 colleges throughout the United States.

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These schools are for enlisted aviation maintenance technicians, enlisted aviation electronics technicians, enlisted aviation ordnance technicians, enlisted aviation structural maintenance technicians and enlisted aviation safety equipment technicians. The training is held at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Kingsville Texas.


TRAWING SIX (6) is the Naval Air Training Command (NATS), located in Pensacola, Florida. TRAWING SIX (6) is a tenant command of the Naval Air Station Pensacola.

TRAWING SIX (6)’s mission is to train and educate new aviators for Fleet Replacement Squadrons throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. It also trains naval flight officers and enlisted personnel who fly missions aboard aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships and fixed wing carrier on board delivery aircraft carriers around the globe.

TRAWING SIX’s roots trace back to 1943 when it was established as Naval Flight Preparatory School at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas with just two instructors and eight students. The school moved to its current location in 1944 then grew rapidly with an influx of students preparing for combat operations during World War II

In January 1948 responsibilities were transferred from Training Squadron Seven (VT-7) to Training Squadron Six based at NAS South Weymouth MASSACHUSETTS . It was redesignated Navy Advanced Training Unit Detachment ONE Detachment ONE East Coast Underwater Demolition Swimmer School; Underwater Demolition Team TWO Detachment TWO West Coast SEAL Team THREE DETACHMENT THREE East Coast US Marine Corps Scout Sniper School; then finally became known as Student Military Training Group EIGHT TWO TWO TWO EIGHT TWO TWO TWO EIGHT TWO TWO TWO EIGHT

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In June 1969 responsibility was transferred from Commander Naval Air Force Reserve FOURTWO FOURTWO FOURTWO FOURTWO FOURTWO FOURTWO FOURTWO

There are more than 1/2 million graduates who attend training here each year ranging from jet engine mechanics through nuclear propulsion specialists or surface warfare officers – everyone needs basic training before they can be certified to work on their chosen specialty onboard our ships!


AMTACS is an aviation training command for Navy and Marine Corps aviation. This command serves as the focal point for all naval flight training, including operational and technical training, joint air operations, basic flight instruction and pilot proficiency flying. AMTACS headquarters is located at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida.The Commandant of the Marine Corps has designated this organization as the single Navy point of contact to support Tactics Training Reform Plan initiatives within the aviation community.AMTACS is a tenant organization at NAS Pensacola which belongs to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River..

Naval Aviation Schools Command trains students to become the best aviators in the world!

Naval Aviation Schools Command (NASC) is the umbrella command responsible for training students in all aspects of aviation, from basic flight training to carrier qualifications. NASC trains the next generation of naval aviators, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate within U.S. Navy aviation communities.

NASC is also responsible for training over 1,000 students per year at its three separate sites: Naval Air Station Pensacola (NAVAIRESUPTAC), NAS Whiting Field (NAVAIRLANT), and Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (NAVAIRCORPUS).


Today, NASC continues to provide the highest quality training and education for a global force of pilots, aircrews and support personnel in order to ensure mission success.

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