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Top Best Online Degree In International Relations

Are you planning to pursue an online degree in International Relations but don’t know how to go about it? This guide is designed for you as we are going to provide you with all the information you need to know on online Degree In International Relations. To get started, let us look at what an International relations degree entails.

What Is International Relations Degree? 

International relations is the study of how nations and non-governmental organizations interact in areas including politics, economy, and security. Professionals in academia, government, and non-profit organizations endeavor to study and develop cooperative exchanges between countries that benefit trade, security, quality of life, and the environment.

You can learn about the relationships between nations and how they interact in the world by pursuing an international relations degree. You’ll look at how a country’s individual culture, as well as its politics, economy, government, law, and security, influence these interactions.

Students with an international relations degree learn about political ideas, global affairs, and international interactions. International Relations courses at top institutions cover topics such as governance and the state, political behavior, and local and international economic challenges.

If you believe that the current socio-economic problems throughout the world can only be solved with the direct engagement and cooperation of governments, corporate and public organizations, you should pursue an international relations degree. If you wish to build a better community and society for future generations, International Relations is the discipline to study. It also allows you to demonstrate that we have all of the essential means and resources to handle fundamental challenges such as hunger, lack of shelter, healthcare, education, and so on.

You can specialize in areas such as Comparative Foreign Policy, Conflict and Peacemaking, Environmental Policy, Human Rights, Migration and Refugees, International Security, and others while studying International Relations.

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Online Degree In International Relations: How To Get Started

Many people now prefer to study online since the outbreak of COVID-19 that has kept people at homes. If you are planning to pursue an online degree in international relations, you have made the right choice! Before you apply for admission into an online school, have it at the back of your mind that not all online schools are accredited or recognized. Do thorough research before settling for an online school.

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Once you have seen a good school, contact them through their email, phone or website and inquire about their tuition fees, admission requirements, program schedule etc.

Let us now consider some of the top best schools offering online degree in International Relations.

Best Schools Offering Online Degree In International Relations 

The following top schools offer the best online degree in international relations:

University of Massachusetts-Boston

The UMass-Boston B.A. in Global Affairs is taught entirely online by teachers with expertise in global environmental policy and conflict resolution. It includes semesters abroad in Ecuador and Northern Ireland, as well as international and domestic internship possibilities. The Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance offers only one bachelor’s degree.

By watching online presentations by master’s students or virtual forums and panels with faculty and guest experts, students can obtain insight into research and career options in the subject. Students in their third and fourth years of study can apply for remote summer practicums in master’s programs to improve their conflict resolution and peace-building skills.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, provides an online B.S. in International Relations that allows students to collaborate and study with their peers. Professors in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration hold online chat sessions for their students, while students in the Global Classroom outreach program learn alongside refugees from around the world in courses.

Students can sign up for an Online Ally, a Global Campus student with experience in online learning resources and study management approaches. Compressed course scheduling and the option to leverage on-the-job learning experiences for up to 30 hours of academic credit allow students with full-time jobs to finish coursework around their jobs.

University of North Carolina Wilmington

The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s B.A. in International Studies program has come up with innovative ways for online students to engage in experiential learning. Virtual education overseas allows students to attend classes from different foreign colleges at the same time, while remote global internships provide them with international work experience.

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Professors teach classes with a limit of 30 students so that they can provide complete support to online students. Virtual research presentations and roundtable discussions conducted by the university’s Research Community in International Trade and Exchange are open to students interested in the global economy.

University Of Central Florida

Students transferring from any on-campus program can get an online B.A. in International and Global Studies from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, and students attending one of their partner universities can get help transferring.

Students can tailor the curriculum by studying a foreign language and completing a necessary minor in a related topic like Religion and Cultural Studies or Diversity and Social Inequality. Faculty that have worked in a cross-cultural environment contribute their knowledge to the curriculum. The program accepts students who are already living and working outside of the United States, and students can choose between web-based or live video training, giving them flexibility in scheduling.

Maryville University Of St. Louise

Small class sizes and an emphasis on international cultures rather than politics distinguish Maryville University’s B.A. degree in International Studies in Saint Louis, Missouri. Students might pick a regular study abroad program, a virtual study abroad experience, or an internship to complete the experiential component of the program.

96 percent of students get a job or enroll in a graduate degree program within six months of graduation. Maryville University’s Early Access program allows online students to enroll in graduate-level coursework at a reduced charge and gain a jump start on a master’s degree.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Students pursuing a B.A. in International Politics can customize their course of study at Pennsylvania State University-World Campus, Penn State’s fully online branch, by choosing from tracks in International Relations, National Security, or International Political Economy, as well as a variety of minors and undergraduate certificates. Students interested in learning about other cultures can enroll in virtual courses offered in collaboration by Penn State teachers and overseas partners.

Virtual internships through the State Department, online career fairs, and career counselors that specialize in distance counseling are just a few of the virtual student services available at the school. The Alpha Sigma Lambda national honor society offers full-time and part-time adult learners scholarships for nontraditional students.

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Regent University

Students can get a B.A. in Government with a specialization in International Relations and Foreign Policy from Regent University online. With additional hours for remote library access and live online chapel services, the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based school offers its plethora of resources to online students.

The Publication of Global Justice and Public Policy, a student-led academic journal published by the School of Law, hosts events for students interested in human rights and international law. The Center for Global Justice’s grant program, which offers financial aid to students pursuing overseas internships in human rights-related professions, emphasizes affordability.

How much do International Relations graduate make?

In the United States, graduates with a major in international relations earn an average of $54,438 per year, or $26.17 per hour. You will earn more than $109,000 if you are in the top 10% of earners; but, you would earn less than $27,000 if you are in the lowest 10%.

How can I become a UN diplomat?

Diplomacy requires knowledge of international relations; thus, the most common path to a career in diplomacy is to earn a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in a field such as international relations, political science, cultural anthropology, sociology, or foreign policy.

Is International Relations a good degree?

International relations is a wonderful major for students who want to understand about global issues. The demand for persons with this degree is increasing, especially as the world undergoes tremendous changes and events.

Do employers like online degrees?

According to experts, many firms accept online degrees, yet some still prefer traditional graduates. … The majority of employers nowadays recognize online degrees. Experts argue that because many well-known colleges now offer online programs, companies are accepting them to a larger extent than in the past.

How much is a Diplomat’s salary?

The national average pay for a diplomat in the United States, according to Glassdoor, is $104,801. Salary ranges from $35,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on the government and position. Every three to four years, diplomats typically shift roles.


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