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Canadian Medical Schools for International Students

They’re lots of reasons you should apply to Canada for studies, the Canadian educational system is one of the best in the world with a lot of cut down hurdles and so many benefits. It has different leading departments of education such as having one of the best medical schools and modern technologies. if you’re planning on studying in any international university or high school, Canada is one of the most considerate place to choose for some of the reasons below.

Canada has it’s Universities (6) ranked among the top 100 best university in the world according to Higher Times Education. the 6 universities are ranked as world class which gives it an international privilege to the graduates willing to work anywhere in the world.

The cost of studies is super moderate and attractive even for both locals and intentional students wishing to study in Canada. this is one of the top reasons many people chooses Canada for their studies, comparing to other countries the Canada tuition fees is low and affordable.

People might also be enticed to know that Canadian workers are one of the most paid employees in the world and might be wishing to stand a chance of being employed after graduation, for this reason many people also chooses Canada over other international schools for studies to stand a good chance.

Finally Canada is one of the finest country in the world, it is well developed, well inclined with the modern world class and very divers with a lot of people from different parts of the word living there. this alone is also one of the key objective of many people wanting to study in the country

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In this article, we will specifically carved out the best and most promising medical schools in Canada for international students wishing to study in the country.

The Canadian medical school admission is quite different from what people actually thinks, gaining admission into any Canadian medical school is not a simple task, although it is quite easy if you’re well prepared.

Of the 17 medical schools in Canada only ten of them accepts international students leaving the remaining 7 for the Canadian citizens and residents. out of the remaining ten medical schools which accepts international students, two of them, Dalhousie University and the University of Calgary specifically accept foreign students from usually the Persian Gulf, this is because of the contract signed between them. this policy is implemented to enable the Canadian graduates to work in the country.

Below are the 10 licensed Canadian Universities for international students

• Dalhousie University

• McGill University

• McMaster University

• Memorial University

• Queen’s University at Kingston Laval University

• University of Montreal

• University of Sherbrooke

• University of TorontoUniversity of Ottawa

Requirements for studying Medicine in Canada

In other to be enrolled in any medical school in Canada as an international students, you must fulfill all the following

Have an undergraduate Degree

Before you begin your studies in Canada as a medical student either as an international student or you must obtain a quality and outstanding undergraduate degree in Biology or sciences. this is compulsory for all applicants wishing to study in any Canadian medical school.

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Contrary to that, you can apply to any school in the province of Quebec if you’re interested in studying in Canadian medical without an undergraduate degree in Biology or science. all you should have in your possession is a 10+2 qualification and 1-year diploma program in CEGEP respectively. aside the province of Quebec, it is difficult or nearly impossible to enter any medical school in Canada without an undergraduate degree.

The Canadian MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is test in which one must take before being admitted into any medical school in Canada for studies. the MCAT is point based and has it’s own threshold points for all applicants depending on the point requirements by your university of choice. you must pass this entrance examination before you can be considered for admission into any Canadian medical school whether you’re a citizen, resident or an international student.

Some of the Universities do not require you to attempt MCAT at all such as the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and McGill’s Faculty of Medicine. So it is better to check before deciding to appear for the test

English Language Proficiency Tests

To be able to study in Canada, you must be able to speak and write in English language fluently in other to meet up with the academic works.

When applying to study MBBS in Canada you must undergo an English language proficiency test to prove you’re good at writing and English language communication.

NEET exam

The international students from India will be required to take a compulsory the NEET exam before they can study MBBS in Canada.

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Required Documents for Medical School in Canada

Mark sheets and passing certificates of class 10th, 12th, Bachelor’s degree

Scorecard of English language proficiency exam

Recent Photographs

Two letters of recommendation


Statement of Purpose

Some extracurricular activities certificates and achievement

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