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Highest Paid Jobs In Canada

Highest Paid Jobs In Canada

Being hardworking is one of the obvious gratitude a man can show off of himself whenever he is called for a job.

On the other hand, hardworking is not mainly the key to having a high paying job when it comes to talking the reality. the facts remain that you’re expected to brainstorm and choose the path to a career which is presumed to be profitable (that is if you’re so much interested in making money from your career).

Canada is one of the best economic country in the world, it has the list of the most paid country when it comes to rewarding their hardworking professionals.

If your curiosity is to determine the highest paid jobs in Canada, then you’re advised to find a relaxing space and read the article to the fullest.

According to the annual Canadian Business Best Jobs ranking based on their salaries take home, the following are the most paid jobs in Canada

Specialist physicians 

The specialist physicians are arguably one of the top paying jobs in Canada,

they’re paid a very salaries ranging from $ 117,00 to $ 375,000

Generally all types of physicians received this type of cool money annually.

Federal judges

The federal judges makes at least $308,600- $396,700 annually.

Airline pilots 

The Canadian airline pilots makes an estimated amount of about $146,274 annually.


Canadian lawyers Also made the list of one of the most paid workers,
The Lawyers are paid up to $146,431 annually

Healthcare manager

Health care managers are professionals assigned to check and balance other medical professionals, setting budgets, hire new one’s and supervise them basically in the health sector.

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They take home a mean salary of about
$ 95,000 it also varies depending on their roles.

Oil and gas drilling supervisors

These are delegated supervisors that takes care of the activities of the various works in the department of oil and gas drilling, they hire/recruit new workers and also make many decisions in the industry.

They have an annual income of $ 85,000

Human resources managers

These are managers in the area of human resources, they recruit, supervise and make plans towards advancing the human resources.

They have an annual take home of about $ 94,000

School principals & Administrator

A school principal supervise the teachers and other working staffs in the elementary school.

In every year, an average school principal takes home about $ 100,000

Health & Community Service Manager

These are professional managers keen on making policies which helps to improve and promote good health in the community.

An average Health & Community Service Manager earn nothing less than $ 110,000 annually.

Electronic engineers

These are trained professionals working in the electronic fields, they make and correct electronics devices.

They earn up to $ 90,000 annually.

Business executives

These are bosses in working firms responsible for making decisions on how to manage the resources of a business company.

They’re being paid up to $ 110,000

Engineering managers

The engineering managers supervise and inspect an ongoing projects in the construction companies.

They’re being paid up to $ 106,000

Scientific Research Managers

They make plans, recruit new workers, supervise technical works and take care of the other menial jobs.

They’re being paid up to $ 102,000

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Utilise Manager

They are managers taking care of facilities, plants, and distribution systems that helps in bringing power to the communities.

They received up to $ 114,000

Nurse Practitioners

The nurses are trained experts in various medical fields, they’re administer and vaccinate patients in the hospital following the supervision of the doctors.

They’re paid about $ 104,000 annually.


The dentist are physicians trained to diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders of the tooth.

They receive a handsome amount of money annually, they’re being paid about $ 93,000

Financial Managers

They’re dutiful personnel entitled to preparing financial statements, makes and coordinating budgets and also evaluate the company’s financial performance.

They’re being paid a median salary of $ 96,000.

Police officers

All the various types of police jobs which includes high way police, detectives and many other are included here.

They’re being a sum of about $ 88,000 annually.


The Statisticians are trained professionals that uses mathematical techniques to build models in other to help solve technical mathematical problems and predict behaviour and also bring a positive result.

They have a whooping salary of $ 87,000

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