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How To Apply For Canada Business Visa

Canada Business Visa Application Guidelines

Applying for a Canadian business visa is is easy and compatible only if you pass through the due process, to apply for the visa you’re advised to study the nature of the visa, the requirements and the modes of application, this will help you to breakthrough the hurdles and cumbersome tasks that you may encounter during the process which might be confusing.

That is why, in the contents of this article, I would teach the steps to applying for the business visa and will in turn lists out the requirements you must acquire before starting your business visa application process.

How to Apply for Canada Business Visa

Before listing out the steps to applying for the visa, it is worth knowing that there is no stream of application that warrants to you directly apply for the US business visa. all you have to do is to ponder on your application choice and make the appropriate decision.

In essence, all applicants of the Canadian skillful workers whom are hoping to migrate to Canada for work and residential purposes either you’re applying for the provincial nominees program, experience class or the business start up visa, you are not expected to execute the application based on your entry method. all you have to do as a skillful workers applicant is to apply for the express entry program no matter your streams of application as mentioned earlier.

to learn more about the Canadian express entry program, you can check out our previous articles on the general Canadian skillful workers program and how it works for reference propose.

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Applying for the Canada Business Visa

Recall that as a skilled worker of any categories, you must apply as an express entry class, the next question pooping your mind right away is how to apply for the express entry visa and this is how it works,

Logging to the Canadian express entry website/ try a written application

They’re two ways of applying for the Canada skillful visa, depending on your choice you can easily logging online to the Canadian visa application website and apply for the visa there or you can also visit any nearby visa application center or the Canadian embassy in your country to apply manually and fill for the application form.

Whichever method you adopt you’ll arrive at the same spot, however it is much more recommendable to use the online application system because it is very fast and reliable.

In other to apply for the visa application online, you’re to logging to the Canada express entry application website and create an account with them, following that, a code will be sent to you which will serve as a logging pin later on, hence you’re advised to keep it safe.

Upon the creation of your account, about 20 pages of application form will be generated to you automatically, fill in for the forms and upload the necessary documents.

Note: on the list of the space provided for the application, not all of them will be available. some are compulsory others are recommended while they’re ones which are just optional so worry not.

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If you’re interested in applying through the paper methods (offline) all you have to do is to visit your application place and obtain the paper application form, the officials will direct you on what to and what not to do while filling the form.

Make your Application Payment

Depending on the method approved for the application fees payment or your most convenient way, you’re to pay a non refundable application fees before you can continue with your Canada business visa application. you can either pay in cash, check or mobile transfer, usually the most common way of making payments is through cash and check.

Submit your Application

Following the completion of the above processes, go through your entire form again to make some corrections if there is an error and then click of the submit button to submit your visa application marking the end of your application.

Go for the Interview

As an applicant of the express entry visa, your application processing usually take a lot of time before being processed. during this time, you’ll have to visit the visa application center or a Canadian embassy of your country to schedule for an interview with the officials there while your visa is being processed.

During the interview

• You will provide the reasons you’re applying for the Canada business visa program

• A proof of financial stability showing you’re financially balanced to tackle the capital challenges if you moved into the country

• Depending on your nationality, your biometrics will be taken

• You may also undergo a medical examination to be sure you’re medically fits to be allowed into Canada

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If you’re able to pass through the interview stage successfully, then congrats you can begin parking your bags for your Canada immigration.

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