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Canada Student Visa Application

How to Apply For Canada Student Visa

Applying for a Canadian student visa is simple if you take the right approach, before applying for any type of visa to Canada you’re expected to read through some information regarding the terms and conditions, the application requirements and the documents for the application. this will not only ease your application stress but also increase your chance of being approved for the application.

How do I apply for the Canadian student Visa?

Below are the easiest steps to follow in other to apply for the Canada student visa.

Firstly, Apply to the institution of your studies

If you have made up your mind to study in Canada and you’re intending to go for the visa application, the first crucial step to follow is to apply to the institution of learning you’re wishing to study in Canada and then get approved.

If you’re applying to study in the province of Quebec, endeavor to apply for a certificate of acceptance otherwise known as a CAQ from the Quebec government before continuing with your application.

If you’re approved by your choice of institution, you will be issued an acceptance letter indicating you’re legally registered as an international student of the said institution.

Begin your Student Visa Application

Upon receiving your acceptance letter from your institution of learning, you can proceed to apply for a student visa application online or through any visa application center.

Before then, check whether you’re to obtain a visa or not before moving to Canada for your studies. If you belong to any of the following categories, you’re visa exempted otherwise you’re expected to obtain a student visa before your trip to Canada for studies.

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• If you’re going to study in Canada as a student for a time less than 6 month then you’re not entitled to holding a student visa, rather you’re to apply for a visiting visa

• A person who is a family member to a staff of a foreign representative serving in Canada and is accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development is not entitled to apply for a student visa before coming to the country.

• If you have a double nationality with Canada as your secondary nationality, you needn’t apply for any visa before coming to the country.

• A member of an arm forces from the Visiting Force Act are also visa exempted

Even at that, the Canada Visa permit is not a traveling Visa so you will have to apply for a traveling Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if you’re approved for the Visa.

They’re two methods of applying for the student visa, depending on the most efficient method that suits you, in other to apply for Canada student visa or permit,
you’re to logging to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website or using a handful method of application at the visa application center or the Canadian embassy in your home country or anywhere you’re applying from.

Applying for the Students Visa

If you’re making your visa application online, then logging to the website of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) create an account and begin filling your application form. you will be provided with spaces to input all the details necessary for the forms filling.

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If you’re applying offline, in this case you’re to go to the Canadian embassy of your country or any visa application center within your vicinity and apply through a paper form.

Whichever ever method you adopt for the application, all the process is the same, however It is much more advisable to apply online before visiting any application center to complete your registration because it saves time and stress.

Pay your Application Fees

Following the completion of your application forms filling, you’re to pay a non refundable application fees before you can complete your visa application.

The application fees for the Canadian student visa is around CA$10,000 yearly. additionally if you’re staying in the province of Quebec, you have to pay CA$1,100 making the total cost to be about of CA$11,000 annually.

Submit your Application

After you have successfully made your payment for student visa application fees, proceed to submit your application to be approved. the processing time is short ( about, 2 weeks or up to a month), during this time, you must visit the Canada embassy of your country or residence and schedule for an interview.

During the application interview, you’ll be asked to provide the following

• Proof of English Language efficiency if you’re from an English speaking country, those from non English countries are required to provide some extra proofs, you can read that on our previous article on the requirements for obtaining Canada visa

• Details of your financial status which will cover your whole expenses in Canada before completing your studies, if you’re sponsored by an individual or an organization, you must provide a written letter indicating the sponsors signatures

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• Proof of your that you’re free of any criminal charges or money laundering activities, you’ll have to prove this using a court statement or a letter from your nearby police station.

After the successful completion of the above process, you’ll be issued your Canada student visa/permit for the main time of your studies.

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