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Highest Paid Jobs In USA

Highest Paid Jobs In USA

If you’re interested in starting your career and you’re in a topnotch to finding the most paid jobs before diving into that, here is a compiled lists of the highest paying jobs in the US according to the recent rank by the US government.

In this article, I will list some of the various highest paying jobs in the United States with their annual take home salary.

With all the various institutions of work in the United States, the most amazing thing about the monthly take home is that most of the professions are rewarded according to their demands and relevance in the locality. going by the list, the top most paid workers in the country are all in the medical field. this is evident that the medical line is the most lucrative among them. below are the list of the most paid jobs in the US :

Compensation and benefits managers

There individuals earn an average annual salary of  $134,210

Sales managers

Sales manager receives an annual salary of $141,690 on average

Advertising and promotions managers

Managers involved in advertisement and promotions also makes a decent amount of money. they have an annual salary of $141,890


On average, the Podiatrists takes home an annual salary of anything $142,680 or more.


The lawyers receive an annual salary of about $145,30

Natural sciences managers

Natural science managers are also making the list of the top most paid workers in the US, they’re paid up to $145,450 annually

Financial managers

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On average, the financial managers receive nothing less than $147,530 salary yearly.

Marketing managers

The annual salary of marketing manager is $149,200 averagely.

Architectural and engineering managers

These experts receive about $152,930 average salary yearly.

Computer and information systems managers

On average, the computer and information system manager takes home annual salary of not less than $156,390

Petroleum engineers

These trained engineers are also among the top ranked earners in the US in terms of salary, they’re average annual salary is $156,780

Airline pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers

The individuals working in these departments also receive a handsome amount of money, annually they take home about $174,870

General dentists

The general dentists are paid a salary of about $178,260 annually

Nurse anesthetists

Nurse anesthetist are also paid on an average of about $181,040 annually.

General pediatricians

The pediatricians have an average annual salary of $184,410

Chief executives

On an, average, the chief executives are paid an annual salary of $193,850

Family medicine physicians

The annual average salaries of family medicine physicians is anything $213,270 or above


The psychiatrist has an average annual salary of about $220,430


These dentists deals with jaw bones fractures, they’re annual salary is about $220,840 on average


The average annual salary of an orthodontist is $230,830, they’re also specialist in the medical field, specifically dentists.

Obstetricians and gynecologists

Due to the high demand of these specialist, they made it to the top of most paid workers in the United States, they have an annual salary average of $233,610

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

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These dental specialist are also rewarded handsomely. there average annual salary is $237,570


The surgeons are paid an average annual salary of $252,040


According to the recent ranks, the Anesthesiologists are the most paid medical workers they had an Average annual salary of  $261,730

Note: the above mentioned amounts are their average salaries, although some may earn below that while others earn away higher that too, all depends on your level and professionalism.

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