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IELTS: What is IELTS? How the IELTS Works

A lot of people are not really familiar with the key phrase ‘IELTS, however, one time or the other I supposed you might have come across it before especially in a bid to brainstorm about immigration visa to foreign countries most specifically in the area of works and international studies.

Every year not one but millions of applicants take the IELTS examination in other to be qualified to travel to some international countries which strictly required them.

What is IELTS?

The term IELTS is an abbreviation that fully means the International English Language Testing System. in literary terms it is a point-based test that helps to measure the proficiency of an applicant’s ability to write and communicate in the English language.

The IELTS is the world’s most famous and decisive English language proficiency test for people aspiring for higher education and immigration into the various countries which require them.

The IELTS has a track record of being transparent and indistinguishable to it’s users. approximately more than 10,000 organisation in the world have the trust of the IELTS, it is recognized and adopted by every institutions dealing with foreign immigration such as education, employers, governmental organization and other bodies as far as having English language proficiency is one of their criterion for qualifying applicants.

The International English Language Testing System IELTS is adopted by the following countries Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. if you’re seeking admission into any institutions of learning in the above mentioned countries or you’re applying for any forms of visa ranges from work, and any form of residency, you’re to know that each of the above mentioned countries uses the IELTS to test for applicants English language efficiency before processing them. each of them has their own different standards for the IELTS examination.

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How the IELTS Works

The International English Language Testing System, IELTS isn’t a today’s organization, it has been working for years now and have settled up to millions of its users in all the various regarded countries.

The IELTS is sets and developed by of the world experts in language assessment, all you have to do is to present yourself to be tested for your English language proficiency after which you’ll be certified with a point based result according to your performance in the test.

Your language assessment rages from Listening, reading, writing and speaking. in each of the above mentioned elements, you’re to participate and then come out with an enticing results.

What to Know before Going for IELTS

Before going for your IELTS you’re expected to have known and understand how it works and as well as recognising the categories you’re taking for.

There are two available IELTS tests for applicants

-IELTS Academic

-IELTS General Training

Based on your area of application you’re expected to choose from any of the two mentioned test

IELTS Academic¬†–

This type of IELTS is for those traveling out for academic activities in any of the countries mentioned earlier. this type of test evaluates their English language and comes up with a profound result whether their English language skills is OK for academic activities or not. this type of test is much difficult and point required compared to the later since it reflects the aspects of academic language.

IELTS General Training

This type of test is for general for any other type of movement into the international country apart from academic activities. this deals with English language proficiency in every day life, work places, gatherings and other social activities.

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