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Study in UK: How to Migrate to UK for Studies

Studying in the UK is one of the most prominent decision when one is intending to study as an international student. owing to the fact that UK is a home for foreigners from different parts of the world residing in the country and engaging in different types of life activities. this feast is not a day achievement but a simple monumental efforts coupled with consistency in their fair dealings with innovative and lively things.

One of the greatest fact about the UK is it’s flock of universities stocked in each corner of the country for both citizens, residential occupants and as well as international students wishing to live and study in the country.

UK is an innovative country perhaps a harbor of innovative minds and linguistics scholars owing to the fact that the so rampant English language we’re speaking world wide today originally have it’s origin from the United Kingdom.

You cannot mention world class universities without mentioning some of the universities in the UK, the country is know for it’s excellence in keeping good academic performance and as well as a track records of having one of the best and well trained teaching personnel in all the various institutions of learning in the country. the United Kingdom also has one of the most innovative ideals in harnessing the modern opportunities and lab research works. not to mention the medical schools around the country.

Choosing to study in the United Kingdom is as good as making the best decision in the world for you have take a step forward towards having the best quality education you have craved for.

So How do I Study in the UK?

Of course it is easier said than done, planning without taking actions is as good as nothing. If you’re interested in studying in the United Kingdom here is a guide for you on the basic things you’re to do before being admitted into the country for studies. although getting admission into any institution of learning in the UK might seems difficult or tasking however with proper preparation and having the required documents as well as meeting the criteria for being admitted, you’ll surely stand a very good chance of being approved for the said application.

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As mentioned above, studying in the United Kingdom require you to have some certain things in your possession such as documents and satisfying the documentary requirements. after having all the above mentioned items the next important step is the journey of how to obtain a UK student visa marking your preparatory journey into the country.

below is the breakdown down of how to study in the UK

Find out all the requirements and get them ready

To study in the United Kingdom, below are some of the requirements you must hold before starting your application

• A recently snapped Photograph of yourself

• A passport

• A Proof of English language proficiency qualification which is normally done by taking the IELTS test and then bring forth the result

• Proof of your financial status showing that you’ll be able to fund your education and yourself through out your studies in the United Kingdom

• Biometric for some nationals of a specific country

• A Tuberculosis test for some specified countries

• Proof that you’re not a criminal or having involved in any crime before. you’re to proof this using a court or police statement

Select your University

Supposedly you should have known the course you’re intending to study in the country so keep that in mind and then apply to any UK university of your choice which offers your course and also give room for international students to study.

After applying to the university, wait for a while for admission into the institution after which you’ll be given an admission letter with which you’ll use to begin your visa application and continue with the process.

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To be able to carry out the above process, you’ll need to visit the website of the Universities and College Admission Services (UCAS). all applications to the university as well as other related elements are mentioned in the website. you’ll also find guidelines and other petty things expected of you to carry out on the website if you visit.

The UCAS charges the sum of £13 or US$18 if you are applying to one university and for one course however if you’re applying to multiple university and courses, you’re to pay the sum of £24 or US$33

Get your Visa

As an international student seeking for the United Kingdom student visa in other to study in the country, you’re to apply for the UK Tier 4 General Student Visa for a full degree or you’re on a temporary or visiting visa to study for up to Six months in the UK.

Begin your visa application starting from brainstorming on the terms and conditions, the documents required to get the application going, the cost of the visa application, where to apply, method of application and other necessary information regarding the visa application.

You’re to apply for the visa online or any UK embassy in your country or visa application center nearby. the applicants are strongly advised to begin their application not less than 3 months to their studies to avoid any forms of delay which may arises from the visa processing time.

To apply for the visa, visit the official website of the UK department of immigration, select student visa and then generate the application forms to input your details. you’re to fill for all the recommended lines and then provide any available information for the optional spaces.

To apply offline, you can visit any UK embassy or visa application center to obtain the application form, fill physically before submitting them for approval.

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Paying your Application Fees

Which other method of application you choose, you’ll surely encounter the payment stage. if you’re applying online you’ll be redirected to payment page upon the completion of your forms filling. also if you’re applying offline you’ll be provided with a schedule time for payments before submitting the application.

The payments method will be disclosed to you wherever you’re applying, choose the most convenient method and then pay your application fees.

If you’re applying for a Tier 4 visa, you’re to pay a fee of £310 or US$435 and the sum of £83 or US$116 if you’re for a six-month Student Visitor visa.

As important as it is, before going to the payment stage, make sure you input the right information and then upload all required documents.

After the process is completed then submit your application and wait for approval while your visa is being processed.

Attending an Interview

After completing the application processes and your application is already processing, you’re expected to make an appointment with the officials of the embassy or visa application center to take an interview with them.

The interview is aim at asking you out to provide your reasons for applying to university or colleges and many other related questions.

If you applied online, it is during the interview that you’ll face the panels for the first time. during that time you’re to present all the required documents mentioned earlier for assessment. you may also be required to undergo some medical tests depending on your nationality.

Aside the above mentioned, one of the most prominent parts of the interview is taking of biometrics. you’ll have your biometrics taken during that time and you’re to pay some certain amount of money for that. moreover, some embassy may charge you an extra charges for the interview for using their services.

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