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Different Types of USA Visa

US Visa Types

Many people wants to travel to the United States. however one, if not the only key factor hindering their plans is the problem of how to go there, the type of visa to apply, how to merit for the visa keeping up to date with its terms and conditions.

This has become a challenge to many people especially for fresh minded people wishing to travel to the US for the first time. this is why I’ll basically compile the lists of the types of the US visa through which you can easily harness to any of your choice and then find your way into America.

Recall that they’re different categories of America visa according to your personality, qualifications, possessions and as well as your nationality. all is expected of you is to go through them and then find the most suitable one of your choice.

Below are the types of US Visa

The US Visitors Visa

These are the types of visa issued to people intending to travel to the US mainly for visiting sake. all holders of this type of visa are expected to spend some time in the US and return back to their country within 6 months.

The visitor visa is divided into B1 visa for individuals intending to travel to the country for business and B2 visas for tourism visits

Student Visa

The US student visa is divided into F and M visa, this type of visa is for academic purposes. Intending international students wishing to travel to the US for studies can apply through this type of visa. the F visa is for academic and the M for vocational purposes

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While taking your trip to the US for studies, you must hold any of the types of the student visa depending on your school and the field of studies.

Exchange visitors visa

This type of visa is basically for individuals who participate in one exchange programs or the other in the United States or any forms of practical training and employment in United States.

The visa is divided into two categories mainly, the J1 visa and the Q visa respectively.

US Temporary Work Visa

The US temporary work visa are the types of visas issued to temporary workers in the United States for the main time of their stay till the visa expired.

The temporary work visa is divided into

H1B visa which is due for highly recommended people who has worked in some specialised fields

The H1B1 visa for nationals of the two countries mainly Singapore and Chile

The H-2A visa are issued to agricultural workers for temporary works during the agricultural works time. the visa is however selective by the US government.

The H-2B visa are for other temporary workers which are non-agricultural for working temporarily in any US working places.

The H-3 visa, individuals wishing to take some training exercises and employment can choose this type of visa.

G-1 to G-5 visa for people employed in an international organizations in US

I visa are the types of visa for foreigners representing their countries in the US as media agents, journalists press, and other informative agencies.

The L1 visa, this visa sub-catigories are given to classical individuals like intracompany managers

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The E visa for individuals whom are investors or treaty traders. such people can travel to the US to execute their works amicably.

The E3 visa is only for nationals of Australia in some speciality occupations.

The O visa, the O visa is a temporary work visa for selected individuals who have are exceptionally trained with tactical skills in some basic fields like science, Arts, education, Business, Athletics

The P visas this type of visa are given to individuals wishing to participate in sports and coaching

The R1 visa are for the temporary religious workers wishing to live and work in the United States

The TN/TD visa are mainly for nationals of Mexico and Canada wishing to work in NAFTA.

Diplomatic and official Visa

The diplomatic and officiall visa are the types of visas issued to foreign officials on a special duty for their countries

They’re divided into the A1 visa which is for diplomats or foreign government delegated officials travelling to the US to carry out some official duties or representing their country. while the A2 NATO1-6 visa is assigned mainly to for foreign military personnel who are about to serve or be stationed within America.

NATO visa for those intending to work with NATO

The T and U visa for victims of crime and human trafficking

The C visa for transit and crew member

The D visa for foreigners wishing to work in sea vessel as crew members and international airlines.

Family Sponsorship Visa

The family sponsored visa are the types of visa issued to an individual to be sponsored into the US by the family relatives to live with them permanently.

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Employer sponsored Visa

The employment sponsored visa are the types of visas issued to foreigners whom are skillful experts in some certain professional works to be sponsored into the US to work and live there either permanently or temporarily depending on the nature of the work and contract agreement.

The employment sponsorship visa is divided into many sub-categories such as the first preference priority workers for the EB1 visa, the second preference priority workers and the third preference priority workers with each categories having it’s own requirements and other entlited merits and demerits.

The investors And Entrepreneur Visa

The Eb-5 visa are usually issued to   immigrants in the area of investments and entrepreneur. such foreigners are allowed into the US to invest and carry out their business activities in the country as far as they meet up with the basic requirements.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa

This are the types of visa issued to individuals from countries with very low immigration rates to the United States. such individuals are offered the diversity immigrant visa to live and work in the US as residents.

Returning Resident Visa

Permanents residents of the US who lives outside the country for one reason or the other for up to a year must apply for the SB visa before moving back to the US. this is because they’re entry permit isn’t valid anymore and they therefore need the SB visa before they can be granted entry into the US again.

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