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Ways to Obtain Australia Permanent Residency

In every year millions of people apply through the various immigration categories in other to settle in a foreign country where they’re job opportunities and better life in other to live comfortably.

One of the most considerate places in most cases for immigrants is Australia, it is one of most peaceful, developed and most accommodating country in the world in terms of immigration. it has a sound immigration policy which favors new immigrants into the country through the various streams. in every year, about hundredths of thousands of applicants apply for the Australia immigration visa in other to settle down in the country, one of the key objective of the intending applicants is to settle there permanently.

Obviously in other to settle down in Australia or any foreign country as a permanent resident, you’re expected to have some personal entitlement which will warrants you to legally live in the country. in this case you’re to obtain the Australia permanently residency.

What is Australia Permanent Residency ?

The Australia permanent residency is a form of affirmation license which warrants the residents of Australia whom are not citizens of the country to be able to attain permanent residency in the country. a holder of the Australia PR is entitled to live in the country, work in all the various Australia company and then sponsor a family relatives or spouse in other to settle there permanently with them.

It is very important to know that the holders of the Australia PR are entitled to apply for the Australia citizenship through nationalization or any forms of citizenship application if they meet up with the requirements and having the necessary documents required.

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How do I Obtain the Australia PR?

To obtain the Australia PR is basically simple and requires no hurdles as far as you’re doing the right thing. the application requires you to have some certain documents and meeting up with some certain criteria.

One of the most important thing to consider is whether you’re beginning your application for the first time or you’re already half way with the application such as in the case where you have already gotten your traveling visa and wants to take a trip to Australia or you’re already a temporary residents there and wants to fully becomes a permanent resident, or you’re just starting from square one looking for ways to migrate to Australia and then apply for their permanent residency.

Whichever category you fall under, this breakthrough will help you to obtain the Australia permanently residency within a short period of time. all you have to do is to study them appropriately.

below is the breakdown of how to apply for the Australia permanently residency

Figure out the best suitable Visa

As a potential applicant wishing to begin your trip to Australia and will be willing to settle there permanently, the first crucial step to carry out is to brainstorm on the type of visa which will grants you a permanent residency in the country since not all the types of visa guarantee PR in the country.

They’re numbers of different Australia visa which can gives you a permanent residency in the country, some of them are:

• Employment based immigration visa

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• General skilled immigration visa

• Family sponsorship visa

• Australia Humanitarian Visa

• Australian Investments & Entrepreneurs Visa

Check for the Application Requirements for each type of Visa available

After you have made your decision on the type of visa to apply in other to gain a permanent residency in the country, the simple but important fact is to check whether you’re eligible to apply for the visa or not. this is accessible by simply logging to the DHA website and then study the terms and conditions for each types of visas available by selecting the visa categories on the websites. study them thoroughly and then select the appropriate one in which you can meet up with the requirements.

Fill for the Visa Form

After going through the above process and you have arrived at a definite conclusion on the type of visa to apply, then fill in for the application forms and then wait for your approval.

During the forms filling, you’re advised to read through the instructions carefully, answer the correct questions and then upload all the required documents for the application. you must also pay your application fees and any other charges which may be allocated to you before you can submit your application.

Wait for your Visa to Process.

After submitting your application, you’re done and the next thing is to wait for your application to be processed pending approval. there is no probability to which your application will be denied if you have completed the process and have done with all the documents uploading. so you’re expected to wait for some weeks or months before your application can be approved.

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Note: the above mentioned processes are for individuals who are intending to migrate to Australia freshly, however those already living in the country temporarily or have gotten the visa application approved can simply apply for the permanent residency on the website of DHA without going through the hurdles of applying for another visa described above.

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