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Immigrate To USA as a Skilled Worker

Immigrate To USA as a Skilled Worker

Moving to an international country, like in the case of USA is not just a day trip, they’re ways or process you’re expected to follow before your trip, all depending on your type of trip and the purpose, also the insight of the trip either as residential ( permanently or temporarily) or short term Visit. in any of the categories, they’re some certain steps you’re to follow before you can successfully gain entrance into the country.

In this article, we will deal categorically on immigration to USA as a Professional & Skilled Worker, the contents will also include the various skillful streams to finding your way into the US and the process requirements.

In other to travel to the United States as a foreigner, either for a temporary or permanent residency or on a non residential visit, you’re expected to obtain the United States visa as in the case of visit, but on a basis of residency, you’re expected to obtain the residency visa or the work permit additionally. since you will have to apply through the skill workers program.

What is the US skilled worker program?

In every year, thousands of visitors are welcomed into the US through the skilled workers program,

The United States skilled workers program is a decisively designed ways of immigrating foreigners into the country.

The foreigners in question must possess some certain professional skills which are of high demand in the United States and he/she must pledge to abide by and respect the United States law. he must also be willing to contribute to the economy of the country if hired as a skilled worker in the country, he will also pass many application process with a lot of requirements to meet up.

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How do I migrate to the US as a skilled worker.

To migrate to the United States as skilled worker, you will have to follow a lot of process for a successful applications. it requires you to figure out the best and most reliable streams of immigrating into the country depending on your merit quo. individuals are entitled to choose any streams of immigration they intent to, provided they can meet up with the requirements and the standard for the application.

There are several ways of migrating to the United States for working purpose

Professional immigration for Employment

The most official and prominent method of immigration to the United States is through the employment, individuals whom are professionals in some certain skills can opt for a job in the United States in other to live and work there provided the employment offer is fixed.

This method of immigration do not requires you a lot of hurdles as far as you have the said skills and the required documents for presentation.

To migrate to the United States for employment, you’re expected to have a job offer right from the time you’re in your country before starting your residency visa application to the country. they’re lots of steps to follow before your successful approval. nevertheless, it is less prone to rejection if you’re able to meet up with requirements.

Entrepreneurship immigration

This type of immigration is for individuals with sense of investment and business enthusiasm and are willing to work and invest in the country.

It is categorically assigned to people with high net worth, literally there is a fixed amount of money you must posses before applying for this type of skilful workers program.

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Recall that the requirements may be segregative or perhaps have some fixed terms, they’re other major process you’re expected to pass through before qualifying to be approved.

Nonimmigrant NAFTA Professional

The NAFATA (North American Free Trade Agreement ) is another pathways to attaining a residency in the US as a skillful worker

The North American Free Trade Agreement is specifically for the citizens of Canada and Mexico whom are willing to work or seeking to enter the United States for work. the applicants in this category are required to pass some strict steps and must be able to meet up with the requirements.

Note: the above mentioned nationals (Mexicans and Canadians) can also migrate to the US as a professional skilled worker apart from the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA method of immigration.

Outstanding Researcher or Professor Immigrant visa classification

This skillful worker visa is issued to highly recommended professionals whom are coming to the country to improve the innovation skills such as researchers and others.

The US Non-Agricultural Temporary Work Visa

This type of immigration is assigned to individuals that can work in some skills such as beach resorts, truck drivers, ski mountains, amusement parks or hotels.

The US Seasonal Agricultural Worker Visas

Provided there is workers shortage in the agricultural field in the United States, individuals who has interest and posses the required skills to working in the agricultural departments can apply and work in the United States during the time being.

to know more about the various streams of migrating to USA as skilled worker, you can visit the website of the department of immigration & foreign affairs.

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Migrating to USA

After choosing any of the aforementioned methods of immigration entry, then the most crucial step to carry out afterwards is obtaining your residency card which may be permanent or fixed time depending on the terms and conditions of your work.

Your residency card will be issued to you upon your arrival in the US entry port.

Note :

• They’re some certain proofs you will be required to put forth such as

– Proof of efficiency in English language communication

– Proof of financial status to take care of yourself when you enter the US

– Proof of character and normal behavior and many more.

• Individuals in the employment entry must proof that they have a job offer before beginning application process

• As an immigrant, they’re may be some certain amount of fees you will have to pay for the application depending on the type of immigration pathways either you’re being sponsored or you’re self reluctant.

• The processing time for each type of immigration pathways differs and also the criteria for getting approval.

• During the Visa processing time

– For some nationals of a specific country, you may be required to attend an interview with the officials of the Visa Application Center, during the interview you may be required to put forth your biometrics

– Some certain nationals may also be twisted to go for a medical rest check by an approved clinic by the United States visa issuing workers.

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