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United States Immigration: Different ways of migrating to the US

USA Immigration

United States is a home for both locals and intentional people, a very high percentage of the inhabitants of the USA are foreigners who migrates to the country for one reason or another.

They’re several ways of migrating to the United States with each allocated requirements and meritocracies. it is up to you to get the necessary information and then ponder on how to get your visa application approved.

To stay in the United States, you must be licensed by the immigration departments, the USA immigration visa will allow you to legally live and work in the country for the specified time either temporary or permanent.

To obtain the USA visa, you must undergo many process such as determining your pathways to the country, the needed requirements for the said pathway, how to get job offer and how to settle down legally upon your arrival.

Immigration pathways to the US

As an immigrant hoping to move to the United States, you can not just moved into the country without categorically following a path, it doesn’t work that way, they’re series of pathways designed by the US government to immigrate residents into the country.

below are they

The US Visa lottery

The United States green card lottery officially known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa programme is arguably the most less trouble ways of getting the United States permanent residency Card.

The green card program was signed into law by president George Bush in 1990 and was enacted in section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and codified in title 8 section 1153 of the United States Code, since then it has immigrated thousands of people and it’s still working.

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The US visa Lottery is a transparent way of entering the united states. so far, the program has a fixed slot of 55,000 immigrants annually for the aspiring immigrants against millions of applicants applying each year.

The applicants are selected randomly using a computer software without giving maximum consideration to any country, the slots are mainly shared equally to all the counties depending on the immigration rates.

The program is much more favorable to countries that has not immigrated much citizens into the US for the past 5 years. you can learn more about the USA visa lottery in our previous article.

USA Employment Immigration

The United States employment immigration is the simplest way of gaining residency in the country, it requires applicants whom are professionals in some certain skills to acquire or seek for employment in the United States to work there.

The employment immigration requires some certain criteria for choosing candidates, you may be required to also produce some documents and pass some tests, it may seems crazy or anything of such but believe me, it is simple especially if you have the requirements.

Family sponsorship Immigration

The US employment immigration services is not opened to everyone due to the merits and requirements, aside it they’re other prominent immigration pathways like the family sponsorship.

The US family sponsored Immigration allows citizens and permanent residents of the United states to sponsor their family members into the country for residency.

The sponsor may be a spouse, a child parents or sibling depending on your relationship with the family members.

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The program also has its own method of selecting applicants and also some diverse criteria too. the visa approval is wholly based on meritocracy.

USA Humanitarian immigration

Refugees and Asylums are always welcomed to the United States for residential purposes. victims of human trafficking and other abuses whom are stranded can also be allowed into the country.

The visa application requires you to pass some legal process before being approved.

How to migrate to the US

Below are the simple steps to follow when applying for the US immigration visa.

STEP 1: Filing a petition with the United States authorities either by yourself or your sponsor in other to begin your visa application process.

STEP 2: your petition will be sent to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for review.

If your application is reviewed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), then it will be approved immediately.

After that, you’re expected to file for your actual green card application, unless you’re done with it through another means.

STEP 3: upon your approval then your application will be sent for processing by your local consulate.

during this process, you may be invited for an interview depending on where you’re applying from. as a part of the interview, your biometrics will be taken, your medical test result will also be needed too.

STEP 4 : After the process is completed then wait for your application approval. if you’re approved, then you can proceed to moving to the United States.

Upon your arrival in the country, your residency card will be sent to you through your address provided.

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Immigration to United States Fees

Some pathways to the United States immigration services are not free, aside the the likes of humanitarian and Asylums, any other immigration pathways require you to at least budget some amount of money.

All the paying immigration pathways has a varying fees for each entry. in most cases depends on your nationality and the method of your application.

In other to migrate to the United States as a family sponsored immigrant, either you or your sponsor must pay an application fees of about $1,960. this is for applicants residing in the US but seeking for permanent residency, as an applicant living outside the United States, you’re to pay the sum of about $1,400. the payments encompasses all the other petty fees like the government and medical fees.

When you’re applying for for the Employment Immigration Visa, the cost is also different. as an employment-based immigrant, you are expected to pay a fee of $1,225 for the permanent residency applications card or the green card.

Note: The fees is non refundable should in case your application gets invalidated or you’re penalised for any reason.

To know more information about the United States immigration pathways and how to get approved, you can visit the official website of the United states Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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