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Canada Visa Fee: How Much is Visa From Nigeria to Canada?

Canada Visa Fee

Over the the years, Nigeria has been recorded as one of the top countries with highest rate of travelling, particularly in the genre of immigration and residency in foreign countries owing to its high number of desperate individuals wishing to travel out of the country. this has made Nigeria to be one of the most diverse national in the world with a lot of its citizens in each corners of the world looking for greener pastures and adapting to the various environments and culture, marrying their nationals and as well as adopting their religion practices.

One of the most visited country in the world by Nigerians is Canada, it serves as an opportunity hub for both citizens and residents from different parts of the world.

According to the International Immigration Statistics Reports, the net migration rate for Nigeria as at 2021 is  about 0.288 per 1000 population, that is to say in every 1000 persons in Nigeria, 0.288 of them are already on a journey of their immigration, however as at 2020, it has a sudden decline to about 2.37%, this is to say, the net migration rate for Nigeria in 2020 was 0.295 per 1000 persons, prior to to 2020 immigration statistics Nigeria immigration rate also have a 2.64% decline recall that the net migration rate for Nigeria in the year 2019 was 0.303 per 1000 persons in the country. watching the statistics closely the Nigerian immigration rate have been reducing slowly, however the odd is still by your side.

Apart from immigration, Nigeria also has a track record of having a high percentage of visitors for tourism in all the various countries. in this article, we will particularly base on the various fees for Canada visa from Nigeria.

What is the Fees for Traveling to Canada from Nigeria?

The type of Canada visa you’re applying for will determine your fees, each type of visa has its fees entitled to it, we have different types of Canadian visa which I’ll break down below with their various fees allocated.

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Individual Canadian Visitors Visa

The individual Canadian visitor visa is the type of visa issued to foreigners whom are willing to travel to Canada from their country of nationals. it requires you to temporarily stay in Canada for the main time and then return back to your country when the expected time is due. for a single individual wishing to apply for the Canada visitors visa from Nigeria, the fee is CAD100 for each applicant. as at the moment of writing this one CAD is 301.35 to Nigerian Naira meaning CAD 100 equals ₦30,135.

Family Visitors Visa

If you’re coming to Canada with your family members you’re expected to pay a visa fee of about CAD500 in other to be allowed into the country. literally this translate to about ₦150,675 in Nigeria naira.

Canada Super Visa

This visa type is issued to family particularly parents and grand parents wishing to unite with their family in Canada temporarily. the beauty of this type of temporary visa is that it has a long maximum stay. as a holder of the Canada super visa, you’re entitled to stay in the country for up to 2years before your visa expire.

For a Nigerian seeking to apply for the super visa to Canada, the expected fees for this visa is same as that of the visiting visa, literally you’re to pay the sum of CAD100 or about ₦30,135.

Canada Student Visa

Another type of visa for citizens of other nationals is student visa, international students wishing to study in Canada are given this type of visa to study in all the various institutions of learning approved by the Canada government. the visa allow you to legally live and study in Canada for the schedule time and then return back to your country upon the completion of your program. for a Nigerian wishing to study in Canada, you’re expected to pay a sum of CAD150 (approximately about ₦45,203) for the application and processing fees.

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Canadian Work Permit

The work permit has its breakdown too depending on the type and nature of the work, the stipulated time and your average earning. we have two types of work permit, the open & the employer specific work permit

• Open work permits: as an applicant belonging to this category of visa application, you’re expected to pay the sum of CAD100 (₦30.135) for your application and processing fees.

• Employer specific work permit: candidates belonging to this category are expected to pay the sum of CAD155 or ₦46,709 for each individual applying for the visa in other to be permitted to work in Canada however if you’re a group of workers, say’ groups of artiste of about 3 or more performing together, then they’re entitled to pay the sum of CAD465 or ₦140,127 in other to be issued a work permit visa in Canada

Business Immigration to Canada

For applicants wishing to travel from Nigeria to Canada in other to start up a business in the country, you will be required to pay an application fee of CAD1,050 or ₦316,417 aside that you’ll pay an additional fee of CAD490 or ₦147,661 for the processing of your PR Card.

If you’re traveling with your spouse either wife/husband/partner, he/she will be required to pay an application fee of CAD550 (₦165742) and the sum of CAD490 or ₦147,661 to obtain the PR Card.

The Economic Immigration Visa & Express Entry

The program include the following,

• Skilled employees are chosen for

• Quebec Specific people among the

•federal skilled professionals workers

• Provincial nominee candidates

• Atlantic Immigration Pilot

• Canadian Experience Class

For each applicant under the above mentioned categories, the fee is the same for all streams and is basically CAD550 or (₦165742) for each applicant and the sum of CAD490 or ₦147,661 to obtain your Canada permanent residency card or PR Card.

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In a case you’re entering Canada through the economic Immigration with a dependent either a child, spouse or any other, you’re entitled to pay the sum of CAD550 or (₦165742) for the application fees and and an additional CAD490 or ₦147,661 for obtaining their permanent residency card if you’re traveling with your spouse. for a dependent child you’re required to pay the sum of CAD150 or ₦45,203 for their visa application fees.

Those entering the country through the Humanitarian and compassionate visa are equally entitled to pay the same amount of money as mentioned above.

Canadian citizenship Visa

This is the type of visa that allow you to be a full legal citizen of Canada, as a Nigerian wishing to be a Canadian citizen, you’re to pay the sum of CAD100 or ₦30,135 to obtain the right of citizenship and then the sum of CAD75 or ₦22,601 to be given your citizenship certificate

Sponsorship visa

This is the type of visa for people sponsoring their families or relatives to Canada in other to live with them, the application fee for this type of visa is CAD475 or ₦143,141 for processing the visa and the sum of CAD75 or ₦22,601 for sponsorship, after then you’re to pay an additional fee of CAD490 (₦147,661) to be granted the permanent residency. this is the same for either dependent or non dependent relatives.

For sponsoring your spouse husband/wife, you’re to pay CAD550 or ₦165,742 for the application fee and the sum of CAD490 (₦147,661) for obtaining the permanent residency card.

For an adopted child, you’re to pay the sum of CAD75 or ₦22,601 for the visa application and an additional CAD75 or ₦22,601 for sponsorship.

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