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Nursing Jobs in Canada: Immigrate To Canada as a Nurse

Immigrate To Canada as a Nurse

Over the recent years, Canada has experienced a drastic shortage of skillful technicians basically in the medical field (nursing precisely), at the moment the high demands for nurses in Canada is very high both foreigners and locals stands a good chance of gaining a good paid Canadian nursing job.

The high demand for professional nurse in Canada is one of the reasons why thousands of immigrants are vying for a nursing job in the country.

Recall that they’re several ways of migrating to the United States, as a nurse applicant typically, you belong to the employment immigration pathways hence you’re expected to adopt it’s method of immigration applications.

How do I migrate to Canada as a Nurse?

Migrating to Candace as a nurse is an immigration skill under the employment pathways,

As a Canadian immigration applicants wanting to be employed in the country, they’re lots of procedures to follow with a lot of hurdles and cumbersome decisions. nevertheless they’re lots of imperial benefits if you’re sure of your doing.

Before migrating to the USA as a nurse, just like many other employment immigration ways, you must be offered a job in the United States before starting any form of relocation intents.

How do I apply for a Nursing job in Canada

Applying for a Canadian job is very easy and flexible if you adopt the right approach especially in the nursing departments, they’re lots of ways to apply depending on your choices or preference, you can a apply for a nursing job through any Canadian job sites such as indeed LinkedIn and many others, you can equally apply for Canadian nursing job through the provincial Nominee and Express entry

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Below are how they works

Through the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

Although the provincial nominees program is part of the express entry, however due to its high diversity and
complexity it is carved out as a program on it’s own. nevertheless it is not much different from express entry.

The Canadian provincial Nominees is the best method of recruiting applicants of the employment immigration pathways migrating to Canada. this is simply because it is a sponsorship program licensed and authorized my the government of Canada before being approved.

The holder of the PNP visa are the most recognized skillful workers because they’re lots of procedures which guarantees there entry into the country.

The provincial nominees program works on the principle that some certain Canadian province or territory which are in shortage of skillful professionals will put forth an adverts looking for a skilful expert in the field, you can then apply and be nominated for the job if you meet up with the requirements of the jobs.

Note: all the province are entitled to nominating a skills they need at the moment and the criteria for choosing him/her. so as an applicant applying to work as a nurse in Canada, you’re expected to dig and thoroughly check for the province or territory that needs your skills and apply for approval.

to be qualified, they’re threshold points and other requirements to meet up, the minimum point is always 67.

Through Express Entry

Another method of gaining a Canadian job and immigrating there is through the express entry program.

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TheĀ Canadian express entry programĀ is a flexible and simple electronic immigration program designed by the government of Canada in other to recruit foreigners intending to work in the various Canadian skilful jobs. It allows people from all over the world to apply for immigration to Canada based on their specific skills, as an applicant willing to work as a nurse in Canada, it is quite easy to apply through this means.

Using the Canada Job Sites

They’re numerous numbers of Canadian Job sites available to be used for applying a Canadian job. the most prominent ones are the likes of indeed, Monster and Workopolis with notable others. they’re very efficient, flexible and are of known high reputations for their formalities.

It is much more recommendable to use indeed since it compiles job from others like Monster, workpolis and many more job sites to build itself.

Applying for the Canadian Nursing job

If you’re able to work inline with any of the above process, then congratulations you can continue to further your application.

Move on to apply for a Canadian work Visa/permit, although it is simple if you’re able to scale through the above process. to apply for the work permit you can visit any visa application center or the Canada embassy in your country.

During the course of the application, you may be required to pay some certain fees ranging from biometric fees or medical tests fees since you may be required to undergo a medical test depending on your nationality. all the mentioned stuffs are required during your interview. during the interview they’re other may things you may proof such as a confirmation letter indicating you’re not a criminal, a job offer letter from your Canadian employer etc.

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How do I obtain Canada residency permit

After being offered a job offer and you’re also approved for the Canadian work visa which is mainly used for traveling to Canada, then upon your arrival in Canada, you will be issued your residency permit or visa which authorizes you to be a legal occupants of Canada.

Short summary on how to migrate to Canada as a Nurse

Step 1: Having the necessary qualifications to be able to apply

Step 2: Determining the method of applying for the job by choosing a specific pathway

Step 3: studying the methods of applications, the requirements, criteria for being approved and the fees allocated

Step 4: Applying for a Nursing job in Canada

Step 5 : Get a Canadian job and the obtain the job offer letter

Step 6: Move on to apply for Canadian work permit

Step 7 Start your trip to Canada and then obtain your residency permit.

Note : Some nationals of a specific country might be visa exempted, meaning they may not be required to obtain a work permit or visa before moving to Canada, so it is crucial to find out if you need a visa or not before getting your application started.

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