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Requirements for USA Visa Application

USA Visa Requirements

Requirements for USA Visa Application

After making your plans on a place to travel, then you finally come into conclusion that you’re traveling to the United States, it does not necessarily means you have done a big deal, in fact this is just a preamble. to travel to the United States, they’re lots of procedures to follow through the visa application.

The only only magic to gaining a fast approval for the USA visa is to have the requirements such as the documents for the applications. on the other hand getting enough information on the merits for the visa qualification is also very important.

What do I need before obtaining the US Visa?

The USA visa requirements is no much different from other country’s, it requires you to obtain their visa. the visa application is a broad and wide area on its own but here we will specifically discuss the general requirements for obtaining the US visa especially for the temporary visits.

Other channels of applications such as the express entry, provincial nominees and others have their own extra requirements.

Either you’re applying for the US visa through a specific channel or you’re a visiting applicant, you’re expected to meet up with the following general requirements.


The first requirements for every country’s visa application is a passport. so as the United States, you must obtain a passport before making an advance to apply for a US visa

Traveling plan

This is a proof of what you’re going to the country to do, while applying for visa to the US, you must provide the details of your traveling plans during your interview to the delegated embassy workers. failure to provide the right information is tantamount to getting your application rejected.

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Employment requirements

As an employee moving to the US for work after being offered a job by the United States employer, you’re equally required to obtain a traveling visa. during the course of your application, you must provide a letter of job offer which was issued to you when you we’re employed in the country.

The letter will be reviewed and the authenticity determines your application improvement. the letter will contain the details of everything about the job offer, the pay, and as well as the personal information of your employer along with the company’s.


The visa application demands you to bring forth a recently snapped photograph of yourself. original and must resemble you.

Personal & Family Documents

For security reasons, you must provide many of your personal and family documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, close family photographs, adoption certificate should in case you were adopted or may be you had an adopted child, divorce certificate( if you’re married and divorced) and spouse‚Äôs death certificate and many others.

Financial Requirements

To apply for the US visa, you’re expected to be financially buoyant to take care of the trip fees and your living cost when you have traveled to the country.

The US government is not entitled to taking care of you upon your arrival, that is why you must show that you have enough fees to take care of that.

Medical tests results

Your medical health must be balanced before making a trip to the US, except you’re going for a short visit, you must undergo a test to confirm your health.

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The test will not be conducted by your personal physician as usual, rather they’re some few appointed clinics and physicians to handle that.

Character requirements

Criminals are not welcomed into the United States, before applying for the US visa depending on your nationality, you must proof that you’re not a criminal and you must not have any charges against you before.

You are to proof this by using the local police of the place of your residence. it involves you to obtain an affirmation statement in form of a letter from from the police indicating you’re cleared.


All applicants wishing to obtain the Us visa must provide their finger prints for verification, there are some allocated charges for that which you will pay differently apart from the application fees. nevertheless all depends on your nationality.

Property Proof

One of the easiest way to proofing you’re a legal occupant of a certain country while applying for visa to US is to bring forth the original papers of the properties.

Especially if you’re on a visiting trip, It further more increase your chances of gaining approval indicating that you’re an occupant of your country, having properties there you will be willing to return on time.

Other documents necessary for the application will be discussed when you visit the visa application center or the embassy of your country.

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