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Dubai Immigration: Dubai Visa Application

When talking about foreigners intent when they’re in a dilemma as to which country to choose and which not to in terms of immigration, one of the most considerate place is Dubai, recall that the United Arab Emirates has about 7 Emirates combined to form one entity with Abu Dhabi as the capital city, Dubai is the most developed and visited among them. it has a lot of modern developments which attracts both visitors and potential immigrants from all parts of the world.

In this article, I’ll explain in details what you’re expected to know about Dubai immigration visa, the various streams of migrating to the country and how they works.

Below are the various ways in which one can easily get hold of an immigration visa to Dubai

Dubai Employment Immigration Visa

The Dubai employment immigration visa is the type of visa issued mainly to individuals willing to work in Dubai and have the necessary documents required.

The Dubai employment immigration visa is based on the fact that an applicant willing to work in Dubai and have meet up with the criteria for choosing him/her will apply to any legally registered company in Dubai and will be offered a job before the beginning of the visa application processes.


• The individual must have a valid passport and will be required to provide them during the process

• The Dubai visa application fee is a refundable fee which will be granted to you if you’re disqualified from obtaining the visa

• All the paperwork during the visa application will be handled by the company or the employer hiring the international worker.

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• The applicant for this visa must be 18 or above before he/she can be qualified for the application processes.

Family Sponsorship Immigration Visa

The family sponsorship visa is a type of immigration visa issued to family relatives of a Dubai citizen or permanent resident.

A citizen of Dubai or permanent resident of the country who wishes to settle there with their family members either spouse, parents children or any other forms of family members can sponsor them to Dubai through this method, although they’re lots of condition for sponsoring someone into Dubai however they’re no hurdles if you posses the requirements. they are:

• That the sponsor must be earning not less than the sum of AED 4,000 monthly or should have about AED 3,000 monthly income with the company’s accommodation.

• Women are not allowed to sponsor someone to Dubai no matter her status

• An application form should be provided

• The original passports of your sponsors is highly required

• Their Salary verification is needed which is usually proven with a salary certificate or job contract certificate

• The passport photographs of the dependents are required

• You’ll also be required to show a proof of your relationship with the said sponsor

Dubai Student Immigration Visa

This type of immigration visa is issued to students intending to further their education in Dubai in all the various institutions of learning in the vicinity. the visa is limited for a specific time of the studies and the holders are expected to leave as soon as his/her visa has expired.

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Recall that there is no any visa application center which offers visa to traveling to Dubai outside the vicinity all types of visa will be applied and processed within Dubai. in the case of the Dubai student visa, the application is normally done by a relative in Dubai or the institution of studies you’re applying to.

below are some of the documents and requirements for the visa application

• A valid passport

• A recent photograph

• Your admission letter indicating you
have been admitted to study in Dubai

• A clear proof of your financial sufficiency to take care of yourself during the time of your studies in the country

• Proof of accommodation upon your arrival in Dubai

some other minor requirements which you may be required to provide will be listed in your application form

Dubai Investment Immigration Visa

Depending on the location of your investment and the type of company you’re willing to invest in, the fees varies. the investment visa allows immigrants to migrate to Dubai and invest in any registered company or to start up their own company in Dubai and must be willing to abide by the Dubai constitutional policies on investment. the visa is due for 3 years and can be renewed.

Dubai Property Owner Immigration Visa

To be a legal occupant in Dubai as an immigrant, you can also find your way through this method, although it is quite expensive due to the high capital requirements involved, however it is very safe and reliable as far as you have the requirements to be qualified for the application.

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To be able to apply for this visa, the minimum amount of money you’re to invest is approximately AED 10,00,000.

Aside that, the applicant must also have a monthly income not less than AED 10,000 to be able to live in Dubai under this visa category.

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