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How to Apply for Canada Skilled Worker Immigration Visa

Canada Skilled Worker Immigration Visa

On daily basis, thousands of people are intending to migrate from their country of residence and nationality to another country in search of greener pastures.

Inclusively, Canada is one of the most considerate place to run to as a potential immigrant looking forward to a better life outside your country.

In recent time, Canada has experienced a drastic shortage of skillful workers whom are the supposed professionals to handle many skillful works in the country. this is why the Canadian government established the skillful workers program to help recruits foreign workers in other to counter the adverse shortage.

In this article, you will learn a breakthrough steps to obtaining a residency visa in Canada through the skillful workers program. this article will basically teach you the step by step procedure to follow in applying for Canada skilful immigration visa and the requirements for the application processes.

How do I Apply for Canadian Skilled workers Visa

In other to apply for the Canada skillful immigration visa, you’re advised to make some research and come into profound concussion before beginning your application, you must not start at the moment you made up your mind for the application, this may gets you confused in the middle and you may likely implicate yourself in the act. this is why you’re recommended to follow the following steps properly.

Brainstorm on the type of the immigration visa you’re applying

Recall that they’re lots of skillful immigration visa for desperate Canadian immigrants wishing to migrate to the country, if you’re opportuned to make a choice on the best methods that suits your application demands due to the possession of the prerequisite for the said method, then never relent yet, ponder on the undercover secrets to getting approval, you’re expected to thoroughly study the method of application, the requirements, terms and conditions and the criteria for choosing their candidates and for sure, this is the bone of contention here. getting to know what they wants will give you a 50% chance towards gaining your approval.

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Like I mentioned earlier, the Canadian immigration visa as a skillful worker is a no different from any other type of visa application, the only difference is the indication that you’re migrating through a pathway and a slight difference in the said channel of immigration you’re applying to.

We are not certain of the type of skillful immigration visa you’re applying hence we can not give a direct requirements on each of the methods.

you can read through the following mentioned skilful immigration pathways to Canada, select the one within your supposed skill and then check for the extra requirements for the application.

Provincial Nominees visa

Business Immigration visa

Canada Experienced Class

All forms of Canada skillful workers application fall within these categories and you must have read about them by now before proceeding to learn more on how to make the application.

When talking about the method of application, the newest and easiest way of reducing the applicants inability to handle the complications in the various pathways is introduced earlier in 2015 which says; all the applicants of the Canada skilled workers will be selected to apply through the express entry system. this is to say, as a provincial nominee applicant or an entrepreneur visa candidates you’re not bothered to stick to your streams of application but you’re expected to just apply for the Canada express entry program, all you have to do is to indicate your stream of application.

How to Apply for your Canada skilled workers program

Recall that all forms of application as skillful workers are done through the express entry program, you’re to begin your application by following the steps below.

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Logging to the website of the Canadian express entry department to start your application

The first thing is logging to the website of the Canadian immigration website and fill in for express entry, create an account and then begin filling your forms.

The website will automatically generate a page form for you in other to fill in for your details depending on the type of the express entry program you’re opting for as a skillful worker. provide all the answers to the questions then upload all the documents required.

Pay your Application fees

If you’re done with filling the forms and uploading the documents, then you’ll be directed to the payments page where you’re to pay a non refundable application fees. you should have read about the Canadian skilful visa application fees by now, so make the payments and generate your payments proof for reference purpose.

Submit your application

After you’re done inputting your details and have made your payments, submit your application and then wait for your application to process before being approved.

You will have to submit the details about yourself, before you can wait for the approval for the Canada immigration skilled immigration visa, application without submission is just a wasted efforts hence the need to. it is advisable to crosscheck your application forms before submission to avoid errors.

Processing of Application

During the processing time of your application, you’re not expected to stay back, you have to schedule for an interview at visa application center or the respective Canadian embassy of your country. it is also a very important part of your application because you’ll equally pass some hurdles in this stage. your biometrics will be taken during the interview, some proofs such as financial stability and criminal free letter will be required too. you must find a way to impress the working officials in charge to get you approved otherwise you may be disqualified in the interview.

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After your application is being processed, you can proceed and start your preparation to move into Canada. normally the workers application processing time may take up to 6 months or less.

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