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Immigrate to Canada through Canada Start up Visa

Immigration to Canada through the start up visa

What is immigration to Canada through Canada start up visa? what are the features and criterion for being choose for the application ? before the end of this article all the questions will be addressed, therefore you’re advised to read clearly and comprehend the fruits of the contents.

The Canada start up visa otherwise known as the entrepreneurship visa is quite different from the investors visa, the visa is an important channel of immigration to Canada because it is safe and less stressful if you can meet up with the requirements. it is known to be for individuals with high net worth whom are willing to live and create a self employment in Canada by starting their own career upon their arrival in the country that is why it is termed a start up visa.

The Canada start up visa requires you to poses a certain amount of money before beginning your application, in essence, such individuals whom are intending to migrate to Canada through the Canadian start up visa are expected to have a net worth of not less than CAD$ 300,000. individuals with net worth less than this aren’t qualified to partake in this visa application.

As a start up visa applicant, you’re expected to be strong and hardworking to start up an employment of your own within your three years of arrival in Canada otherwise you’ll be rusticated. you must also learn to invest in the Canadian economy, obey their laws, pay your taxes like other permanent residents while running your business in the sphere of the country.

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What are the Requirements & Eligibility for Canada Start Up Visa

The Canadian Start up visa otherwise known as the business and entrepreneur visa has its own terms and conditions for applications, before applying for the program you must have those things in your possession otherwise, you’ll be disqualified.

below are the requirements for the Canada start up visa application

• Having the required amount of money for the application

The threshold amount for the Canada start up visa is fixed, any candidate wishing to stay in Canada permanently must show a proof of having a net worth of not less than $300,000CAD and will be contributing to the Canada economy. also within their 3 years of being in Canada, they’re expected to create an active employment for themselves and should be managing at least one third of a Canadian business within the specified time.

• Proof of Language Efficiency

All candidates applying for any residency visa in Canada are always subjected to reading about the newly set up language requirements which said ‘ they must meet up with the Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) 7 or Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7.

To proof this, you’ll undergo a lot of test such as writing, speaking and reading using a third-party language test from an appointed organization authorized by the Canada government.
the CIC department will receive the test report along with your application while submitting it.

• Proof of criminal free charges indicating you’re not a criminal

This involves you to get an attestation letter from your local police or from the court of law in your vicinity and will be presented during your interview

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• Medical Proof

Depending on your nationality, some nationals of some countries are required to undergo a certain medical test to be sure they’re medically ok for the Canada start up visa application.

What is the application fees for the Canada Start up Visa?

The Canada start up visa also requires you to pay certain amount of money called the application fees, it is a non refundable payments made into the account of the departments of the express entry program with the zeal to get your start up visa application processing. the payment is meant to help you get your application processed hence it’s called an application fee.

As a main applicant applying for the Canada start up visa, you’re entitled to pay the sum of $1,325 as your application fee, if you have any other partner with you either a spouse or a fiance, then you’re required to pay their fees separately, although they’re dependent on your application. you’re to pay an additional $1,325 for your spouse and if you have any dependent child included in the application then your payments for each of the child is $225.

Other payments you may be required to provide are the biometrics fee which is $80, you’re to pay a total of $170 if you have any other dependent no matter the numbers of the individuals.

Applying for the Canada Start up Visa,

the application process for the Canada start up visa is almost halved if you’re able to have the mentioned requirements, all you have to do is proceeding to apply for the Canada start up visa either through online or a paper based system, you can apply online through the websites of the Canadian department of immigration under the express entry class. if you’re interested in offline registration, you can equally move on to any nearby visa application center or the Canada embassy of your country for the application. nevertheless, the online application is much more easier and simple because it saves time with less stress.

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If you’re done with your application and have been approved, you can start your immigration to Canada.

Amidst that, you must apply and obtain the Canada working permit or visa known as residency visa, you’re to do that separately because the start up visa only allow you to apply and travel to Canada. to live and reside there you must apply for the residency permit. owing to the fact that the government of Canada is responsible for regulating any residency in the country and not the express entry department.

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