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United Kingdom Immigration: How To Migrate To UK and UK Immigration Visa Requirements

UK Immigration

The UK is no doubt a home of foreigners from different parts of the world, the country is open to immigrants intending to migrate to the country for residential purposes. it has a lot of immigration channels through which it receives its international visitors.

Staying in the United Kingdom is not just a saying sake but a dream for many people due to its job opportunities and the good lives there. In other to relocate to the United Kingdom as an immigrant, requires a lot of investments, it can be time, strength, and in most cases capital investment.

However, they’re some certain processes that are of little or no hurdles, the capital requirements may also be leveled as well, all depending on whether you can meet the requirements or not.

Immigration to the United Kingdom although seems tough and hurdling, getting the right information will not only save you time and resources but will also increase your possibility of getting your immigration applications approved. through this guide, you’ll get the necessary information regarding the application requirements, how to apply and some of the criteria for getting the visa approval.

How do I migrate to United Kingdom?

To migrate from your country as a foreigner to the United Kingdom, you will need a UK Visa or residency permit.

The following is the step-by-step process to obtain the UK immigration visa.

Step 1: Check for the UK Immigration Visa Requirements

After making up your mind to relocate to the United Kingdom, the first step to follow is to check the requirements for their immigration services and whether you have the necessary documents and qualities to qualify for their visa application.

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The criteria for choosing and approving the UK immigration visa applicants varies from country to country depending on your nationality, below is the breakdown for each national.

Before then, all nationals of each country must obtain a Valid passport before tripping to the United Kingdom. and this is general for all the countries no matter the ties with the UK governments.

Other general requirements are

• Proof showing that you are going to be paid a good salary

• Proof for efficiency of English language skills and communication

• A valid proof of your financial status showing that you have the necessary funds to sustain yourself upon your arrival in the UK, this can be proved using your bank statements or any other approved method.

• You’re expected to have a valid passport which you will show alongside your travel history for the past 5 years

• Certificate of Character and normalcy showing you have no criminal cases, criminals are not welcomed into the country. to proof this, you can be issued an affirmation statement from the police.

• Depending on your nationality, some certain countries are required to provide tuberculosis test results from any approved clinic by the visa issuing workers.

Requirements for Australian citizens

The Australian citizens can apply for right of abode if they have parents born in the United Kingdom. or if they falls to be among the December 31, 1982 Commonwealth citizen and still remained it’s citizens.

The right of Abode simply guanratee you to leave and work in UK without any harassments of immigration restrictions.

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Another approved way for Australian citizens to migrate to the United Kingdom is through the ancestry visa, also available for the Commonwealth country citizens.

To apply for the UK ancestry visa, they’re some certain minor process to undergo, the cost is about £516.

Requirements for EU citizens

All the EU citizens living in the United Kingdom are subjected to the right to reside and live in the country till 30th of June 2021.

However, if you happens to fall under some certain nationality other than the Republic of Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Iceland as a citizen of the EU living in UK, you’re expected to make an application requesting to remain in the country after December 31st 2020.

To apply to stay in the United Kingdom after December 2020 as an EU citizens of the non mentioned countries, they’re series of steps you are to take, you can learn more on the websites of the UK immigration.

Requirements for American citizens

American immigrants wishing to migrate to the United Kingdom are expected to obtain the UK residency Visa. quite alright, the UK residency visa on American citizens is a bit limited and complicated. the only available visa for them are the work and family visas, immigrants wishing to migrate from American to UK through any means other than the work and family visa may find it difficult and probably not able secure to any.

Also they’re limited skillful work visa for citizens of America looking forward to migrate to UK for working purposes.

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Step 2: Find a job and get to work in the UK

After meeting up with the requirements above devoid of your nationality, you can proceed to apply for any Job of your choice which is inline with the United Kingdom foreign workers program.

The EU citizens and the nationals of Switzerland and EEA who arrive before 31 December 2020 are licensed to easily apply for the UK residential visa under the EU Settlement Scheme, afterwards, they’re legally prone to working and living in the country.

As for the EU, EEA and Switzerland citizens that arrived in the United Kingdom in other to work as from January 1st 2021 are required to obtain a residency visa.

They’re up to seven types of UK work visa for immigrants wishing to migrate to the country depending on the types of job you wants.

To hunt for any type of job in the UK, it requires little efforts and perfect timing, no doubt, they’re lots of job opportunities in country.

The following sites are best known for job hunting, they have different types of jobs with good pays, average and menials all depending on your qualifications and the competition.

• Indeed

• LinkedIn

• Jobsite

• Totaljobs

• Monster


If you’re able to get a job, then proceed to travel to the United Kingdom and receive your residency visa immediately upon your arrival in the country.

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